To have existed is not enough,
importance placed elsewhere
in a culture where life itself
holds little value;

She searches,
flailing frantically, coming socially
unhinged, unsure
of any positive contribution
now, before, future
colliding kaleidoscopically
on a freakish sliding scale of continuum,
never-ending agony of futile choices
based upon neatly conditioned alternatives.

Who wouldn’t go mad
in the face of this fallacy, illusory
though it might prove to be
in a world short on imagination;
focus instead on inane diversions
of a media-driven circus, replete
with political clowns and deflated footballs.

Dare we doubt the power of distraction?

image: Olivia Muus
image: Olivia Muus

12 thoughts on “DISTRACTIBLE

  1. Distraction is all, when imagination is in short supply…oh Bela, I fear I, too am flailing at the moment…sure only that life, all life does have value, though unable to see much evidence of it being valued…and the neatly conditioned alternatives hold no charm. Still, that there exist some who continue to insist on the real value is a powerful charm, and I hold it to me. Thank you.


    1. Yes, VL, thanks for your thoughts – I am not the one flailing, though it might appear to be so. I’m a realist, loving the world despite its flaws. But after a recent suicide attempt and the news that another has stage 4 cancer, I am attuned to what creates suffering. At least one aspect of it.

      Love and blessings to you!


  2. The ironic thing is, that virtually no one really cares about our updates. Everyone is too busy imagining how important their little lives are to the wider world. Social media: the notice that goes unnoticed. Distraction: the ubiquitous chronic disease that’s too advanced to be diagnosed. Wonderful work Bela, you hit the spot with exquisite style as ever. H ❤


    1. This is exactly true, Hariod. Perhaps there are a very few close friends who take note of an update on Facebook, for example, but in general, comments seem to be to be disingenuous, even outrageously erroneous at times. I often run across a photo posted by someone I’ve known for a long time – a really horrible photo. Either they have aged badly physically or they are simply posting an image someone captured of them at a bad time. Either way, the thread of comments will go something like this: beautiful you! you don’t age at all! love the hair! (You get the idea.) So personally, I never take these comments seriously at all, though I wonder at those who do.

      On a larger scale, I have a far deeper concern about the masses and the media circus that just seems to be ramping up in this country these days. How That will play out is anybody’s guess, as the implications have the potential to affect the entire planet on so many levels.

      And you are right again about the ‘ubiquitous chronic disease … too advanced to be diagnosed.’ There is nothing to do but ride the tide and live our lives, doing what we can to honor this amazing journey on Planet Earth.

      Mahalo, Hariod, for your ever-kind words. Have a blessed weekend! ❤

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    1. I see you’re feeling reductionistic today! ;D Your words make sense to me, but that’s preaching to the converted. It’s the madness in the world I ponder in these posts. And likely will ponder for some time to come.
      Cheers, BN!


    1. Oh, yes. I don’t know about where you live, but here in the US, it’s just a shark feed. We don’t watch TV and only read the local papers. In fact, I’m turning National Public Radio OFF more than ON, these days. All it is is Bad news, same 3 or 4 stories recapitulated throughout the day and into the night. And the political garbage beginning this early? I choose not to give my energy to any of it, save Sanders, the one voice of reason for the People. I hope he can stand the heat. Aloha.

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      1. I think its not much different Bela the world over.. It can be draining if you get swept into it all. .. I have a News fanatic Hubby, So its difficult at times to steer clear, But I send out positive into the Negative and focus upon creating within my own world a lot of the time.. 🙂 xx Wishing you a Bright week x

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