Between cinder cone mountains and the
solid feel of dog flesh nudging ribs
lie vast expanses of earth,
surging seas thundering against cliffs and sand
like the unceasing labors of Sisyphus.

As whitecaps assail her surface,
a clutch of humpbacks,
slick heaving bodies pirouetting
above the waves, carry on
as if no one’s watching.

Commuters speed by cars pulled
alongside the road often carelessly, compelled
to witness massive leviathans defying gravity
in a dance few comprehend, having traveled
far from northern waters to give birth
on empty stomachs.

Burdens moored in distant harbors forgotten,
the meeting of ocean and sky anchor one
to the planet’s surface, urging hearts
into glorious flight and boundless distance,
gravity mending to flesh solely
for the pleasure brought about
in witnessing the miraculous.


11 thoughts on “JUMP

  1. What a privilege it is for you to live in such a magnificent environment, where scenes such as you depict so exquisitely may be witnessed. I have seen these creatures migrating Southwards off the coast of Northern California, yet never at close quarters. We have dolphins off our shores here in Britain, and the elation they stir in myself and others as they leap from the water is as much memorable as it is exhilarating, just as you so perfectly describe in closing your piece. A wonderful work Bela, for which many congratulations. H ❤

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    1. Aloha Hariod, and yes! How lucky we are to live here. The whales are just magnetic, for me. I have hung suspended underwater to listen to their cries. I have always said that if I spy one close enough from a boat, you’d better hold me back from diving in to join them – they are that compelling – and I don’t rule out doing just that, if given the opportunity! Thank you so much for your kind words, as always. Blessings on the day! ❤

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  2. Hi Bela,

    Every time I read a post of yours, a recurring thought comes to me. Which is that the environment plays a hugely enabling role in the mindset and the occurring of the individual. Your blessed state is a testimony to that.

    What else can explains such magnificent lines?

    “…Burdens moored in distant harbors forgotten,
    the meeting of ocean and sky anchor one
    to the planet’s surface, urging hearts
    into glorious flight and boundless distance…”

    The sheer synergy and alignment of all that is without to the flight of what is within…… is awesome!


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    1. Shakti, you are such a dear. Thank you for your kind words. And I DO believe that environment has the potential to imbue us with as much of itself as we are able and willing to absorb. That’s certainly been true for me in this lifetime. I’ve always been drawn to nature in all her bounty. The natural world is as necessary to me as breath and food. I truly do not know how I could live too far from her bones. Blessings, Aloha, Namaste to you! ❤


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