He gives away more than he means to
all these years into life, fervently seeking God
by whatever name and oh, the misery
of a heart chained to romanticism,
temptation of forbidden apples,
torturous longing.

Sometimes I wonder at my own pivoting turns,
self-created meanderings of an unstill mind,
less these days but still human,
then I remember the awestruck child who,
instead of puffing spheres into cerulean skies,
burst bubbles just to watch containment
become limitless, the oneness of shapes
inside and out, assuming forms
that could not be banished.

Chameleon living transforms daily, digging
in where others dare to dream, facing forward
and intrepid where some fade back and away,
changing color, form and timbre, expanding
into worlds beyond imagination.

There is no safety in stagnation.

18 thoughts on “Chameleon

  1. This spoke to me of fear of the unknown Bela, or, to use that rather overly-worked term, ‘acceptance’. There seems to be a paradoxical confusion in our neurotic clinging to the known, as if that were to provide freedom and autonomy, when true freedom lies in entirely the other direction.

    “. . . puffing spheres into cerulean skies, burst bubbles just to watch containment become limitless . . .”

    Such wonderful imagery here Bela. In gratitude, Hariod. ❤

    1. Aloha, dear Hariod, and yes, I believe this is what drives many people, like the devil is on their tail and best to seek shelter in what is known to them. And I make this distinction because I believe the greatest cosmic joke on us humans is that we come to believe we know anything at all (thus the metaphor of the bubbles)! Form IS limitless, and I know you understand the nuance inherent in that statement. Yet most buy into the image that form is ‘real.’ What they see with their eyes is believed to be It, even unto death. Shame, that 😉 Sending gratitude right back at you! ❤

      1. TRANSLATION: I far too often (seem to) see people who are completely bland but disguise this fact by false chameleon displays (“painted albinos”). But perhaps it is I who fail to see beyond not only their social masks but also my assumption of blandness.

        Is that clearer? Didn’t intend to be overly abstruse. 😦

  2. I felt the range of your emotions, Bela. We hide sometimes when it may be healthier to step out. I see you as someone caring, deep and bold when the circumstances call for it. I appreciate how you share openly warmth and understanding. We may all be chameleons. I like to think I am a “Jack (or Jill)of all trades and scholar of none. ” I was told in high school that I needed to not wear my heart on my sleeve. Too late, could not change this attribute. 🙂

  3. Robin, thank you for your kind words. My heart is forever open, though at times that’s proved daunting. In Hawaii it’s perfect, as Aloha is such a grand spirit, especially among the native populations. I don’t see how holding back our kind spirits can be good for anybody – much healthier to help where we can, know when to rest and regroup, and show up when life calls us into service. It doesn’t mean I lack boundaries – quite the reverse. I have ‘big energy’ and am not afraid to use it – haha – not afraid to share what I have with others. My husband is the same. Peace, sweetie!

    1. I like how you mentioned being intrepid and fearless in your poem, Bela. “Expanding into world’s beyond imagination” was such a great reminder to believe and use action to meet the future. Off to check out your newer posts. . .♡

  4. We don’t always relish change but it is in change that life happens and people become what they need to be along each path they take. My life this year has been like that of the ‘Chameleon’ and is still changing yet. Thank you for always being so insightful.

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