Gliding down the corridor
Pitch dark, while yet ahead the
Smallest shaft of light
reflected by a
Quarter moon,
Wafting its indigo gleam,
Cutting through the night as if
Fear suddenly turns to
Hope like a
Diamond in my hand.
desktop-1429722004 (1)

7 thoughts on “SHIVER

  1. Exquisitely evocative of the moment Bela, and it was almost as if I were standing in your shoes – or perhaps I should say ‘slippers’? Sometimes we need the dark to see the light. H ❤

  2. It was very visible and bright light coming from the sliver of the moon. I saw it’s almost surreal power in such a small slice to hold so much. The d I among image really fits, too. You know how to write intriguing poems. 🙂

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