In a brief respite from being Me,
I discover possiblities inherent
in the unlimited; perspectives only hinted
at from far edges of consciousness
during the best of times.

In a momentary pause from self identification,
I sit writing this now, afraid without trembling
that what I sense will shimmy its silvery tail
right out from under my awareness, scales showering
notes on the page, lining up to the right
of the clef as order dictates.

In this brief wrinkle of time, reality unzips itself
to unfurl before me, infinity grasped obscurely
from atoms swirling out of an invisible projector
for milliseconds while the mind scrambles to crystallize
meaning into words to ponder, formulate
and solidify, solidify.

How I crave a liquid life, flowing fire
and streaming water forming steam, energy,
etheric matter scattering like jigsaw pieces cut
to order with undirected hands simply for the joy
of participating in creation.


10 thoughts on “OUTER LIMITS

  1. Wonderful work Bela – as always – and this reminded me of when I used to live on the North Cornwall coast here in England, and would meditate on the Atlantic shoreline. After an hour, I would open my eyes and the ocean would come rushing into awareness, unimpeded by perceptual thought, or any kind of re-cognition – just direct cognition. Soon enough, the mind would arise and seek to have an understanding about-ness to it all, as if it wasn’t enough as it was, and with that a weighty realisation that the mind can be such a limiting, prohibitive faculty – actually, intensely frustrating at times such as those. H ❤


    1. Hariod, of all people I’ve ‘met’ on WP, I would think you understand this the best. As you’ve demonstrated by your response 😉

      I’m not such a head person, and am pretty viscerally present to the Now. Yet again I am not, when at times such as these a window of limitless possibilities opens before me to reveal what I might describe as the nature of existence. I’ve long received such ‘revelations’ here and there, and what I’ve concluded is that if I could be that aware all the time, my body would disintegrate from the intensity of the energies – or at least my mind would literally be ‘blown.’ It doesn’t stop me from pondering the possibility, though 😉

      Peace and love, Bela

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      1. Agreed. I’d like to say our species is more evolved, can be greater than it is demonstrating right now, but my deep inner knowing coincides with what you’ve so succintly said. And I’m at peace with that. Lucky we can glimpse these little breaks in collective reality, though 😉 xoxo

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  2. Bela your words transported me.. Through the limits of thought to imagination of what is and can be possible.. Those Atoms, which appear solid as the chair I sit in, upon inspection weave and move as the blood that flows within us.. We are all Liquid ‘Light’ all resonating within our space of frequency..

    I am ever thankful of those Atoms such as your good self, who swirl in and out of my life..

    Brilliant as ever dear Bela.. and I so thank you for your recent comment and visit.. Lots of Love and Hugs my friend.. Sue

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