It is the job of some to do the work for all.
This I understand.
Yet I am left wondering about too many,
eyes averted from the truth, blinking
like newborns at the brilliance of the sun,
backing away into the shadows, scheming.

How to take back our humanity, discovery
a personal thing, willingness being key;
participate in the collective, even
from the sidelines, but join in, rather
than turning away in futility;

Each arrives prepared to express uniqueness, yet
for whatever reason, a loss of heart ensues,
futility slips into cracks in well maintained veneer,
mistaken for what’s real; in the meantime, stuck
in the mire of illusion that it’s somebody else’s fault.


14 thoughts on “AMERICAN POLITIC

    1. Yes, aspiring. It’s the American way. I guess we all need motivation, but, being a child of the 60’s, I thought we could rally to something greater than a corporate takeover of our country. Not the first or last time to be wrong 😦

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  1. It is true, no responsibility taken by those who are in the Congress and senate, their upheaval and lack if support for our leader Appalachian me, Bela. Now, hopefully voters will think, use their minds and not emotions. Instead of complaining they have a Vote, a Choice. In other countries there isn’t a power to vote or choose. Thank you for this powerful post, Bela.
    Hope you had a happy holiday season the the very best new year, dear. ♡ Hugs, Robin

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    1. Thanks for summing it up so nicely 🙂 “Blameless yet imprisoned” hits the target on this one. And yes, once we recognize our place in the scheme of things, we begin to take back our democracy. Or what’s left of it. Peace.

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  2. You said it all in your comment to Ben, Bela – ‘the corporate takeover of our country’. The same is happening here in Britain, and elsewhere too of course. Chris Hedges has some sound ideas about peaceful rebellion when the going gets rough later in the century, that in my view are worth reading by those that are interested in stemming what he calls the oncoming Inverted Totalitarianism of the corporatist state. [See: Death of the Liberal Class] H ❤

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    1. Hariod, you are not the first to mention Hedges to me, so perhaps it’s time I check on his work. I am one who always has at least 4 books in a stack by my bedside, so it might take awhile. But I appreciate the referral.

      Many blessings to you, dear one, and may we all pull together into 2016 in a way that begins to unify a fragmented world. Love, Bela

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  3. Yes that is the problem Bela, we are stuck.. Stuck in our outdated past of what has gone before which proves it is not working.. Yet Change is feared, While ever we are blinded within the Illusions of Greed We will stay stuck.. and get sucked deeper into the Mire.

    On a lighter Note.. wishing you a wonderful 2016 and Beyond.. may more wake up to those illusions around them Bela..And come to understand their own responsibility in creating a better tomorrow begins with Altering our own perceptions .. 🙂

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx

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    1. Haha, I love it. “…and on a lighter note … !” I tell you, these days … in fact as I say this, I think of Jackson Browne’s song These Days … and yes. May more awaken to the illusion of separation, for we do nothing by ourselves that unity cannot accomplish better, save for clearing our own mental slate. For it is in unity that we discover our own humanity, and despite where spiritual travels might take us, I’m pretty sure we are meant to learn things here on this earth through our own physicality and physical rhythms. Such lessons may exist nowhere else, thus we find ourselves with bodies and bills and complex lives, amidst – ever amidst – the miracles of this amazingly unique experience.

      I wish you and yours peace, hope and many blessings in the coming year. I so appreciate your feedback in our little WP community! 😉 Love, Bela

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      1. That is it exactly Bela.. our Human Experience in this density of matter is like nowhere else in the Universe.. The problem is, it was only meant to be that experience, but our attachments and greed have fuelled our perpetual return until we are bottlenecked and choking within our own merry-go-around of karma.. I think however we are being shown literally within many situations upon our planet right now, how possessions and our clinging onto that material is in fact holding us fast.. So I see many instances where the material possessions are being stripped from many.. in displacement of people, and natural disasters.. 2016 I think will open up many more eyes to what is really important in Life..
        Love and Blessings and thank you for being part of my world. 🙂 Sue ❤

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