To glimpse in an early morning sky painted cerulean,
Venus, the Morning Star, and I know,
if nothing else is certain, today the earth is rewed
to herself, committed to rhythms
and processes we humans take for granted,
greening as she is around edges
of slumber soaked minds
while the bulk of humanity jangles
in a falsely-lit biome of busy-ness, sounds
and lights assaulting fragile systems regenerated
during nighttime hours spent dreaming,
psyche plodding through desires
and suppressed terrors while the mind lurches on
in command, it would seem,
of the exhausted vessel scrubbed and polished now
to a showroom shine.

2015-07-18 18.10.53

11 thoughts on “RENEW

  1. Gorgeous expressions of wisdom as always dear Bela, and a sublime reminder of nature’s absolute disregard for me and my little world of thought. Mahalo. H ❤

    P.S. I have begun to use that salutation since you introduced me to it recently – what a lovely word it is; thankyou!

  2. Wonderful Image and your words shine their own light through the shadows dear Bela.. May we each of us renew our relationship with Nature Then we would see just how grand we would all sparkle 🙂
    Love and Blessings Bela xx ❤

  3. Bela, I really liked this salute to the sun, nature and renewal. The earth can only renew so many times before it’s energy dissipates. It won’t green itself near the end. I appreciated this and believe we could overcome and fix some of our mistakes.
    In your third sentence you mention the earth. Was the final word Bela, supposed to be “renewed?” Just checking. . . Beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thanks as ever for your kind words, Robin. Yes, renewal will happen for as long as it will. I’m glad you’re optimistic, given the facts.

      And no, the word was reWED, not renewed. Earth being both yin and yang … 😉

      Peace, dear ❤

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