To stand on a cliff
overlooking the shore
gazing northward, then east,
send the mariners home.

While out in the distance
clouds bear the fading
sun on their shoulders,
the Gods contemplating,

Filling glasses tipped gently
into their reflection,
over black diamond sands
in a wondrous advection.

2015-07-18 18.30.21

15 thoughts on “Pololu

    1. Aloha Hariod: So funny you mentioned ‘perfect,’ as I was rereading the poem, yet again (wrote this in 2005), and, for as short as it is, repeated ‘ovelooking’ and then ‘looking’ in the first stanza. Groan (changed it to ‘gazing’). In too big a hurry simply to post, these days, rather than to perfect, as it were. Hands in too many pots, I guess! Many blessings for your kind inspiration, always. ❤ B

      1. All my life, Hariod. All my life I’ve striven for perfection. Only now in my early 60’s do I appreciate the deconstruction of that notion. My new mantra is, ‘either it’s all perfect, or none of it is.’ And thus I take refuge in the dharma, so to speak. In the perfection of even the imperfect. Aloha ❤

  1. So very beautiful. It pulls at my heartstrings. “And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by”. I was so blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience a relationship with the ocean, even while confessing that we were trespassers.

  2. The reflection on the cliff and the beauty in the water was a gift you shared with us, Bela. I like the idea of black Diamond pieces in the sand. Also, the unique way you described the setting sun upon the shoulders of the clouds. The way you wrote this was wonderful! 🙂

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