not like Mona Lisa

who seems too pious for the picking
and more like Vermeer’s Girl,
something suggested only
as if she knows she’s goddess,
while the other is bent toward God;

I am not one of those who
harbors yearning for the unresponsive,
though I understand the predilection.
Still, to whet one’s appetite
for what’s authentic conjures
in one another the deities
of which we speak, asking more
of what lies dormant within;
and even then, we dally.

Ah, to awaken the most wondrous spirit,
to imagine the fullness of existence
and embrace eternity in this moment.
To do this with another.
We are ecstatic in the dance,
we are living the dream.

2016-01-16 05.46.28



18 thoughts on “not like Mona Lisa

  1. I felt like I was in the middle of a conversation and this made me feel included. The only thing missing is how to relate to this esoteric topic. Maybe tired after work but I am more of a Picasso or Salvador Dali. Just don’t think I am Mona Lisa or the Girl with the Pearl Earring. Too quirky and tousled by the storms of life, Bela. Not pristine nor prissy. 🙂 Hugs, Robin

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    1. I’m glad you felt included. And yes, relating to poetic verse can be challenging, for much is left unsaid, only inferred. It’s interesting you perceive Vermeer’s girl as ‘prissy,’ or that’s how I interpret your words. I never saw her like that, more like a combination of innocence on the left side of her face, but if you hold your hand up to block this side out, the right side looks like she knows something; that she is, perhaps, wise beyond her years and her station in life. And she’s certainly no Mona Lisa. Whether or not I’m projecting (which can always be debatable in such matters of history), we are each born with a certain wisdom of the ages while having to stumble and learn from our earthly experiences. I simply chose one way to go with the comparison. Be well, Robin! And hope your day turns out better than you planned. xoxo


  2. Yet another polished pearl Bela, and though not here over-sized as is Vermeer’s, abundant in its coruscating quality. If there is a goddess, I doubt she will appear too clearly in the pearl’s reflection, rather in the ever-aware eye of the gazer, yet also as the pearl itself. Mahalo, H.

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