On Pointe

Those who peer into the soul
of things may offer guidance
to others more easily
than accessing that wisdom within.

Perhaps it keeps them human.

The Trickster is afoot
in daily living, throwing us
off-balance which, ironically,
keeps us poised on our toes.

It must be part of the plan.

For if we are to discover
until we die, making the most
of this all-too-brief sojourn
in the flesh, is it not imperative
our eyes and hearts remain open?

Hubris is nobody’s friend.

What vexation of circumstance
goads us toward humiity
ought to be lauded,
again and again.

26 thoughts on “On Pointe

  1. Well chosen picture and I enjoyed the thought provoking poem.
    If hubris is self confidence why not defy the gods of limitation.
    Keeping our hearts and minds open accessing wisdom.
    One tip toes trying to stay in balance to self improve on the brief passing journey.
    Perhaps this is the plan what humanity is really about. _/\_

    1. Aloha Jack, and thanks as always for your thoughtful words 😉 Hubris is defined as “excessive pride or self confidence.” I would put that in a different category than assured self confidence, which I think we all need in order to advocate for ourselves in society. Anyhow, cheers, Jack, and enjoy the week! ❤

      1. Thanks for a the precise definition, ‘If’ hubris was only self confidence it would not be arrogant for me to question the gods, they was the thoughts.
        Perhaps I should have left my comment at.
        I liked your poem and the tip toes photo. _/\_

  2. How to balance humility with a mind constantly seeking certainty where there is none? As Eliot suggested: “Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards, Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point, There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.” Mahalo Bela!

  3. Hubris seems to attract people like “charisma” but it is a facade in some examples and not really showing depth. True humility is much more meaningful and reflects more depth in a person. My example on 2/28 was the political arena has many I would not trust with my life, money or future. One in particular “is running on hubris alone.” That’s my opinion and interpretation of your well thought essay. I wish we could see humility within people better. Would have saved a few bad marriages for me, too. 😉

    1. Robin, I agree that humility is vastly underrated. I, too, wish we could see more of it on the political stage. Barack Obama possesses this, as do most Hawaiian-born and raised individuals. It’s highly prized here, and cultivated. Aloha dear, and thanks for your comments, always! ❤

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