By: Bela Johnson

Mar 01 2016

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Category: Hawaii, lifestyle, musings, nature, poetry, Uncategorized


Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/4 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS

In the phenomenon of night sky,
I watched the moon rise full
against an indigo canvas;

Rose-rimmed clouds drifting
along, causing stars to glisten
like the silvery skeletons
of jets in flight, billowing by
under stealth of inky half-light,
advancing across the heavens
on borrowed time.


10 comments on “moonrise”

  1. Beyond beautiful, Bela.

  2. Beautiful images in both your words and the photo!

    • Mahalo, Genie! ❤ And while I have taken countless photos of moons here on the islands, I could not better this image I found on the ‘net. It fit the ‘indigo canvas’ beautifully, and was closest to what my eyes behold at such times.

  3. Pure poetry, in both words and image. Just wonderful!

  4. Such lambent immaculateness in words. Resting in them now. H ❤

  5. Such a fantastic photograph with words describing the layers our eyes may have not seen. Both could “stand alone” but together they create a beautiful post, Bela. Hugs, Robin ♡

  6. A moment captured and released.

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