Body Politic

I worry in these times of tumultuous inequality,
masses awaiting what passes as wisdom,
poured liberally from the lips of the rich and famous
as if one’s financial status automatically confers erudition;

At the very least, living amidst the bizarre loosens folds
in grey matter focused on reaction over contemplation,
hypnotic numbness over long-term reflection, titillation
over absorption in the sweat-soaked trenches
of a technology-drenched deluge that,
like a flash-flood moving to channel the surge
before disappearing into a trickle, seeks
its inevitable end in the inane wasteland
of a desertified experiment in trial and terror.


14 thoughts on “Body Politic

  1. Yes, yes, yes! The way you separated out ‘titillation’ is indicative of what’s going on, I think. And why so many people seem willing to be swept up into the mob mentality that’s taking over. AND why reaction is taking over contemplation and response.

    Well said and well-crafted. Thank you! I’m re-blogging so more people can see this thought-provoking beauty.


    1. Mahalo, Genie. Much appreciated. I actually did not separate out titillation! That was done by WP to format to fit this theme I use (I like it because it changes colors with the images posted). But good line break, eh? 😉 Thanks for pointing it out. I’m off and running today, and glad I was able to respond to your kind comments. Blessings, dear one. ❤ And thanks for the reblog!

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  2. I can only sympathise from across the ocean dear Bela for those whose Ego burns holes in their political pockets.. Great thoughts upon the world political stage of those who take their bows after reciting their lines ..

    Love and Blessings

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