What if nature existed merely to be noticed;
if our job in life was simply to recognize
the fundamental glory of Creation,
discover a place, either town or in forest,
relax, enjoy, and flow with the current?

What if time, itself was only a ruse
to keep us anchored to terra firma,
our stomping grounds for a century or so,
then back into the flow of no-time;

Instead we lose the ability to view stars,
hear birdsong, recognize rustle
in a lover’s hair; are deaf to small toenails
on tree bark, misinterpret thunder for traffic
as we speed along the road to nowhere,
fretting about nots;

Not having enough minutes in a day,
enough understanding friends,
money, attention, quiet, time, time
to do, to go, to have, to be
whatever it is we keep ourselves
from actualizing;

What if this was enough?
If perfection existed, moment to moment,
in spite of aspirations and worries,
as we sit numbly before a beggar’s banquet,
nervous and dreaming, burning holes
in theories of spontaneity
and to what end in this wrinkle,
this blip on eternity’s radar?

Mahukona spring 2016 ~ bj
Mahukona spring 2016 ~ bj

16 thoughts on “WONDER

  1. As with the first two commenters, the initial thought that sprang to mind upon first reading (there are always two or three) was ‘beautiful’. There is of course so much more, and the subject of time as apprehended, as against time as its own objective fact, is one that interests me greatly. I’ve always warmed to the – perhaps fanciful – idea that if there is any purpose to all this, then it is that the universe may become aware of itself, with us as individuals, along with all matter capable of subjectivity, forming connecting nodes to a vast, quasi-neural network – i.e. “What if nature existed merely to be noticed”. As to the second verse, then I was yesterday reading an article on why we cannot perceive the future, given that physics tells us the future already exists as time. It sounds like an absurd question, I know, but only because we think of time as being a linear progression. Anyway, lovely work, Bela, as always, and do please forgive the wandering thoughts initiated by your ‘beautiful’ piece. Mahalo, Hariod.


    1. The universe gave rise to sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste – just so it could and can experience and reflect and delight further in and onto itself. And we are the lucky receipients, along with all sentient life! And what do we do with these qualities? Devise more creative ways to worry, to harm others, to question what’s revealed before our eyes, to pave paradise? Oh, dear Hariod, you will never earn my forgiveness, as there will never be anything to forgive. We are completely on the same page with this and most other subjects, as far as I can see. And if we weren’t, I’m sure we are both open to learning from one another’s differences. Actually years ago on Molokai at 4 am (I was headed to the Molokai/Maui ferry), I was privileged to actually – for a few milliseconds – witness the time-space continuum. So I KNOW what you propose to be utter truth. At the time it occurred to me to ask, as I have countless other times when witnessing ‘miracles’ (which I believe anyone could experience, with enough intent coupled with detachment and a clear conscience), ‘why me?’ And what I always feel in response is, ‘why not?’ Indeed. Sending you much love, Bela

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    1. Haha, Elisa! You would pick up on the iPhone 😉 You’re such a fabulous photographer! I often don’t have the Canon with me, but I’m begining to realize I take just as good photos with the 5s if the light is right! Blessings to you! And thanks.


  2. Hi Bela,

    Wow! What a sublime thought…I wish nature could have existed just for our delight…to watch those lovely hues around us day after day. Alas! We have moved much beyond beauty, plundered it in all possible ways. No wonder we have been rewarded with lack of understanding and time, which fleets by while we sit by the edge of eternity, watching our inevitable doom, desperate to seek redemption.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem. Stay blessed!

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    1. Aloha Balroop. I think maybe the problem is that humans have such different interpretations of ‘glorifying Creation!’ For me, it’s leaving it Alone. Gasping in wonder at the grasses, sky, ocean, trees, animals. Living simply, if elegantly inside my own home. Planting lovely gardens. (For someone else, it’s designing a skyscraper; though heaven knows, there’s a vast difference!) Minimal impact. Learning to live with rather than destroying and plundering in order to feel ‘safe.’ Especially when that safety can only exist as perceived within one’s own being. Thanks as ever for your insightful comments. ❤

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  3. Wonderful thoughts here Bela They say Time is but an illusion.. A ruse 🙂 yes, love how we perceive time.. How it speeds up and slows down all through our perception 🙂 .. I even got up a dawn to day to allow for more time in my day 🙂 LOL… I always love reading through your thoughts Bela..
    Many thanks for sharing them with us.. xxx ❤ Blessings Sue

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    1. Sue, I ponder time a lot, these days. It really does seem ephemeral, but more than that, it only exists in the mind. For life goes on in perpetuity, moment to moment. It’s the mind that attempts to order and capture those moments, even to reflect upon them. But that’s all illusory 🙂 Much love.

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      1. Loved those pondered thoughts also dear Bela.. the older I get the more I learn and the less time I need worry about retaining it 🙂 As I get lost within my thoughts also 🙂 often ❤

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