I wish to remember, recall feelings first experienced
when landing on Hawai’ian shores twenty-five years ago;
warm damp breezes on pale skin, imminence
of realities poking threadbare theories full of holes, prodding
into shapes of settle down, learn to receive,
attempt to extend roots into fire-cast soil
and face facts, sooner or later, transitions were being made;

Nose to nose, were it possible, I would not recognize
my own self back then, disconnected, disregarded
by my own standards, confusion and kids in tow,
headed for a new world, a new day, a new life
I had no idea was about to unfold
through glimmering forces refracted
in shadowy slits of unfocused eyes;

All this time later the memory encapsulates,
periscope Down, show over, nothing and all remains;
alone and unafraid, sharing bits of time together,
witness now to Laughing Thrush and Mejiro
fluffing unabashedly in backyard bathing,
maturing well before life removes them
from this perpetually greening world.


bj photo: 2016, Melodius Laughing Thrush youth

2015-07-15 03.36.46

13 thoughts on “Periscopic

  1. Just lovely, Bela, and for some reason your piece reminded me of Sandy Denny’s ‘Who knows where the time goes?’ I loved the phrase: “fire-cast soil” by the way. A great poetic eruption – many thanks! H ❤


    1. Wow, always something to learn from you, dear one. I possess this song as sung by Judy Collins. Now this woman with 9 years of good radio under her belt knows of Sandy Denny. Mahalo! I had a similar experience with Tracy Nelson’s music and only heard of her in the past couple of years. How do these amazingly talented ones escape my notice? And now you share this song, especially poignant as a dear friend called me last night to tell me his wife, my good friend, dropped dead at 64. She was a wonderful gardener, but a troubled soul not much attached to the pain of living, and I guess now she got what she wanted. And yet. Where the time goes, how one spends it, is very much on my mind this morning. Blessings, dear Hariod, on another magical day on this lovely Planet Earth. ❤

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  2. Bela, I enjoyed your view of the years gone by, how you arrived in Hawaii, children in tow, reminds me of my own sojourn to a small town here in Ohio, one half way to ex, half way to my parents. . . My children were 5, 3 and a baby of one years old. We have travelled far and found our “bliss” in home, along with harmony with nature and the world. We have come a long way, “Baby!” ❤

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  3. What a beautiful image. And who would ever think as we look back at our younger selves just how wiser we have become. And how much more at home we feel within our skins.. Long may you live in Blissful Hawai’ian shores Bela.. and enjoy the warm damp breezes upon your skin..

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    1. Mahalo, Sue, for your blessing. I do enjoy this place. The enchanted gardens I have planted and continue to plant and care for on our little 1/2 acre here are magical, as my husband mentions almost daily. We sit out at night on what used to be lawn and scrub, marvelling at the colorful flowers, the fruit hanging from the trees, the clove buds about ready to harvest and the birds. Oh, the birds! Though we don’t have the variety you have there or we did in Maine, the colors of Cardinals and Laughing Thrushes and Francolins and Mynahs, even the doves, are so lovely. Our trees are now reaching boughs to telephone wires, and it truly is a delight and a comfort. Aloha, and enjoy your weekend! ❤

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