Time and Tide

You’ve got to get it out, I said,
out where the poison can drain harmlessly
onto thirsty ground, where the pain cannot solidify
into suffering, send it back to its source
purified, clarified, transformed;

Asphyxiated, a soul cannot draw in-spiration,
we must unknot what strangles us, be it grief
or the torment of being too much with the world,
and I know, my friend, no matter what I said
or did, no matter my love for your essence,
in the end you could not feel it, I get it,
I understand illusions as well as anybody;

I wring my hands and fret, turning
over in my mind how little we all know
others and next to nothing
of the fathomless depths of ourselves;
we do not accept our strength at times,
prefer broken distortions and pray,
striving mightily for the clarity that abides
within as perpetual life, resonance, the rising
and falling of starlight and universes;
thus we must transcend perceived boundaries
of time and trust in the rise and fall of tides.

2015-07-05 07.06.13


(*note: I just received the news of a dear friend’s death late last night and wrote this this morning in tribute.)

bj photo: 2015 sailing out of Kawaihae harbor

20 thoughts on “Time and Tide

    1. Thank you so much, dear one. It seems a bit unreal as I sit staring at a picture of us on the ocean she spent sailing for many years. I think she found the earth far more challenging, though she was a fantastic gardener! Aloha ❤

  1. I am sorry you lost a dear friend and this was very interesting. A fine way to write a tribute, with some intrigue about the vast unknown, it seems. xo

      1. The way you pondered and worried about whether or not you had done or said the right thing, or at least this is how I interpreted the section of your poem. . . made me think of my own connections and losses, Bela. So lovely and I do think you expressed this wonderfully and from your heart. ❤

      2. Robin, I don’t live with those kinds of regrets, but thank you for your kind comments. Truly. I always appreciate hearing your voice. My friend’s husband, however, keeps turning and turning events over in his mind. It’s surely a form of torture.

        I am simply a realist, know the depths of human sorrow and the joys of ecstacy. And I love life, love living on this amazing earth. So at this point in time, I strive to follow the middle ground. Too taxing to the soul to do otherwise. Blessings, dear.

        You are

  2. Bela, my sincere condolences for your friend.. Such a moving poem.. And so resonated with these words Bela.. ” We must unknot what strangles us, be it grief of torment of being too much with the world and all I know.”

    Love and Blessings sent your way my friend.. ❤ Sue

    1. Yes, this dear, sweet, generous woman had a difficult time ‘staying.’ It makes me appreciate my own life even more than I did before, which is something. I love this earth and all upon it, even knowing the depth of darkness human beings are capable of. It allows the interplay of juxtaposition and diversity to coexist, whether in nature or in the human being. 🙂

      1. I agree.. both dark and light are needed even though at times its hard to understand the suffering.. But this Earth was meant to be a garden.. But sometimes a greater garden calls us home.

      2. Due to the nature of existence here and so we can ‘stick to the ground’ by gravity, earth is necessarily a place of polarities. If not for the dark, we Could not experience light. If not for pain and struggle, we could not experience bliss and ecstacy. And so 😉

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