No Fear

Nothing left to hold onto
unites unfettered intent with purpose
less the useless struggle, railing
against the inevitable wasting,
wanting what cannot long be possessed;

Remember, dear friend,
how we both arrived in this life,
naked and vulnerable and grasping,
groping moles in a too-bright light
of the new earth-womb before we took
point in reference,
when limitless throbbed stilly
and vibrantly within our starling being;

Recall now the dying, their breathless
will to hold fast and onto comfort
in ripened familarities,
all the time cherishing the explorer,
ignoble of heart, transcending frontiers
of perceived unknowns,
vast expanses circumscribed
by this cerulean marble swirling
in a field of gravity within universes
dispersed in the limitless beyond;

Take heart in your own intrepid journey,
seek solace in still places, treasure comfort
without distraction, scrutinize daily
that plein air space within,
observe wild things in surrender,
become familiar with conclusions,
then apprehend, if you dare,
the wonder of your boundless being.


7 thoughts on “No Fear

  1. Perfectly exquisite, Bela, yet challenging, too. Do any of us, living still, know that we shall not fear death at some point close to its arrival, if not now? How can one be sure of any answer? Naturally, I’m happy to leave these questions rhetorically posed, if you so wish. H ❤

    1. Hariod, I don’t think anything is ‘for sure’ in life. Yet death is certain. Knowing this, why not explore while we’re living? Whether it’s that college degree you (3rd person) always wanted or that longed-for trip, why not make it happen? People remain in strangleholds of their own making. A waste of creativity, if you ask me 😉 Aloha, dear one. ❤

      1. Hariod, not necessarily, no. So much death all around me! I wonder if it is a product of age, that one’s friends and parents of friends and so on all seem to be dropping like flies. I ought to be used to it.

        I am an intrepid sort, and need no prompting to call myself to action, as far as that goes. I’ve just completed my final design school project and am awaiting my final grade. Then I take a test for national certification as an Interior Designer. This after 30 years in the realm of psychology, of counseling and helping others do their own deep work.

        I find it’s good to take on new challenges. Keeps me sharpened to change, which happens all around all of us, like it or not. I’m determined not to be a stick in the mud at any time in this precious life. Mahalo for asking, dear. ❤ ❤ ❤

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