The wind muzzles voices, dogs;
we all sleep more peacefully
not knowing our neighbors’ sorrows.

Breeze on the brain rattles loose
what is not solidly moored in the mind;
fears, doubts, trepidation run freely.

And they become bearable only
upon aspirating that which is resisted,
followed by a steady exhale,
breathing out a colorless,
odorless vapor without which life,
in or out of body, cannot itself sustain.

Release yourself.
Sorrow is the sediment of regret.100_1093

17 thoughts on “Wind

  1. Oh, Bela! Yes! “Sorrow is the sediment of regret,”…Brilliant!! I heard once when I was a young and wild thing…to regret something you did do…not something you didn’t do. Not so sure I felt the same way about that statement when my son was around the same age! πŸ™‚ But as I have grown older (and somewhat less wild) I do have strong feelings about regret…I try to live in every moment and make the decisions that feel right with my soul. And while I may have regret that a certain event may have happened (I’m in the middle of one right now) I don’t regret what I brought to the table or the decisions I made. Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul ❀ Blessitude πŸ™‚

    1. Haha, Lorrie – you too, eh? πŸ˜‰ Young and foolish flies in the face of what we believe ourselves to be at that age, no doubt. For me it was trying desperately to fit in – something I never felt up to, deep inside. I could have saved myself loads of suffering, but there wasn’t much (if any) validation for me as unique, back in those days. And is there ever? My youngest wrote a long train of thought somewhere in her 20’s with the line, ‘who is ever loved enough?’

      Indeed. I really fault no one. My mother had seven children by her mid-30’s! How on earth could a person focus on each child against those kind of odds? But honestly? NO regrets, at this point in time. I learned much, mostly about what I never wanted to do or be again. It might have taken decades, but I’m So happy to be who, where and what I am. Sounds like you are arriving at a similar conclusion πŸ˜‰ Aloha! ❀

      1. Oh my goodness Bela…7 children at any age would be an incredible feat! And yes I agree with your daughter….and the thing I find is that it is usually the SELF love that is missing. And I raise a glass to toast your final thought…I wish that kind of peace for all humankind!! πŸ™‚ Enjoy the rest of your week Bela ❀

    1. So right you are, Renee. Sorrow has many faces and is unavoidable in life.
      The particular sorrow I refer to here is the byproduct of regret. The ‘avoidable’ kind, if you will.
      Many thanks for your loyal perusal of my writing! Aloha. ❀

  2. Really, this is most beautiful, Bela – a pure joy to read, and as always, to reread. I’ll make no observations on regret, as I don’t know much about it to be honest. Enjoyed the discussion between yourself and our friend Lorrie. H ❀

    1. Paul, this is hearbreaking. I’m so sorry to hear it. Sending you warmth and comfort and optimism that you did all you could and that Ms. Hazel is now relieved of her suffering. Aloha ❀

    1. Aloha, Ronnie – I am sure you benefited from hearing such sage advice. Growing up with a fraught family atmosphere, I had my own personal knowledge that what appeared on the outside was often a mask for deeper troubles within. Many blessings on this beautiful day!

  3. Sorrow and regret are siblings…they love each other and can be released only when we have eschewed both, embraced them and learnt to absorb their companionship.
    Love the imagery Bela. My favourite is: “breeze on the brain”…terrific!

    1. Aloha, Balroop, agreed. Breathing in what we resist seems best, and certainly apropos in this case, as you allude to. I love your writing, as it targets emotions many would rather not feel. Yet there they are, like it or not.
      Thanks for your kind words. Enjoy the end of your week! ❀

    1. Mahalo, Sue. Chudleigh the yoga dog is in his elder years now, arthritic and grey. But he is still, as my husband calls him, Mister Enthusiasm! What a spirit! Sending you peace and love as we wind down yet another week. ❀

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