As the sun sets through the trees, I realize
another day is done, curtain dropped,
nothing special accomplished, only gratitude
for gardens greening, fruit ripening, flowers turning faces
to greet the dawn, meeting miracle of clean air and rich soil
as we slip in and out of shelter, hearts overflowing;

Home is sanctuary, place of recharge and rest,
restorative tonic healing interface between us
and the chaos outside our gates. At the end of the day,
there is none better; no comparison breeds contentment.
Each evening our gaze is fixed as fire abandons us
to the liquid indigo of night, exit stage left, vanishing
Houdini scattering gifts of glittering starlight
as promise, so we do not forget;

And it flows, glowing orb, down beyond the straight queue
of Norfolk pines, spreading belly like melting butter hitting
hot pan, bleeding into horizons beyond which we might
never venture. No one may beckon him back,
though lives depend upon his return on the morrow;
we must trust and trust again, each evening
of this lifetime and beyond.


26 thoughts on “Colorwash

    1. Haha, well, thank you very much 😉 And yes on the gratitude part! In my known world, we attract more of what we focus on. Our lives are truly blessed. Aloha, and looking forward to reading more of Your work. Looks intriguing.


  1. “spreading belly like melting butter hitting hot pan” – what a magnificently evocative line! The whole is just gorgeous, dear Bela, and you’ve surpassed yourself here once again. You clearly are blessed with your abode and life-partner (hubby?), and whilst you feel for the suffering of the world so deeply, and are not immune from it, I know, then you are fully deserved of your quietly serene corner of the planet, from which to offer us your exquisitely worded gifts. H ❤

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    1. Many Mahalos to you, Hariod, once again for your kind words. Ever since I was quite young, I bonded to nature as my teacher, despite having fundamentalists all around imposing consequences for my rebellion against their structures. I feel lucky for our life here, but man, getting to this place! All the pain and heartache it took to finally realize life is not about struggle, rather if I accept that everything is perfect and in ‘divine order,’ then it is. Even the tough stuff. Which is, of course, still tough when it comes 😉 Sending you love and blessings this day and beyond! ❤

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  2. Superbly said Bela! A day dawns and we move along with its demands just like life takes us along the current of time…gratitude gleams only when we realise how much we could do during the day and yes, this emotion remains dormant…day after day our thoughts concentrate only on our struggles and challenges, joys and sorrows, desires and success…and life passes by!

    I am glad we can pen down and share such reflections. Thanks for the reminders 🙂

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    1. So true, Balroop – the meanderings of the mind, pull of emotion, distractions, all … as freeze frames of Now scroll by glazed eyes … Agreed, we are the lucky ones, the ponderers, pausing to squeeze meaning out of moments as offerings for others (and us!) to remember! Aloha, dear one ❤

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  3. “No one may beckon him back…” I find these words calling to me, though as, always, this is evocative in many ways…Maybe, perhaps, this is gratitude of a sort on my part, as I muse on the passing of days, and that none ought to be wasted…

    Thank you, Bela 🙂

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    1. Yes, VL, easy to be distracted, perhaps the unintentional power of daylight or fears of the night (as I edit a poem entitled Black) – distracted from the existential quaking that it is all illusion, temporal, disappearing beyond our ability to hold it back … Glorious to awaken to the moment, all we possess in that fraction of time, and to grasp it, to live, really live, in that parenthesis of eternity. Ahhh! ❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks as ever for your thoughts!

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  4. Oh…Bela!! This touched me with such emotion I felt my heart beat faster and I cried from a place that is pure light!! I so understand what you wrote to Hariod…and I am new to this way of thinking. But it truly is the most peaceful…harmonious way that we can bridge our souls with our life experience in our bodies…on this earth. Many blessings I send you as I head into my day full of gratefulness that I can be in your energy ❤

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    1. Aww, Lorrie, thanks so much! Glad you derive such abundant feeling from my words. This brings me such delight. Some folks yearn to be published; I am one who is content just to have one or two people engage with what I write. How lucky, then, am I to have this WordPress community?

      Yes, nature is, was and shall evermore be that bridge, for me. It’s not that I lack experience in the dimension of spirit – far from it. Yet while I am in a body on this earth, it is Earth I shall be attentive to, for I really do believe it’s a huge missed opportunity to slide on through without having listened – really listened to and observed – the spirit that imbues itself in matter. So much wisdom right here, right now.

      Many blessings on the day! Aloha ❤


    1. Aloha, Sue. I can witness of late you seem to be discouraged with the state of humanity – and forgive me if I’m in error. It’s easy enough to do. Yet I wonder if this is somehow all perfect. And what I mean by that is perhaps it’s a time of culling and regrouping on some cosmic level. No doubt there are other worlds than this one – I think it’s hubris to the max to think we are alone in a universe among universes. Yet we are Here. Now. And this is where I attempt to hold myself. Easier in our own little piece of Paradise, no doubt. So I charge and recharge so that when I go out, I can offer the best I’ve got in my interactions with others. Then, nine times out of ten, I return exhausted. This has become the norm, but at least I know what to expect. I recharge. And do it again. I used to think there was something wrong with me. I don’t anymore.

      We do not watch TV, have not for over 10 years. We do not subscribe to news magazines – all of it is corporate rubbish, anyway. We do get our small island paper and of course are online. And are informed much as we need to be. I am aware. That is, to me anyway, enough. I do not expect to change the world. I only try and do what I can, where I can. We contribute to the support of a little child in poverty. We consider doing this for more than just him. We do what we can for our family, friends and community. We vote. Of course. Any grander visions of how we might collect ourselves and cease the madness would only drive me insane. We live amidst a sea of change. These are such times. I trust there is a greater purpose for all of it. Every empire has its decline, every dog has its day.

      Sending you love, peace for your dear heart, and blessings, Sue. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. I agree with you Bela.. by doing what we can within our family hub.. And yes I was tired of the politics the Brexit hype and the way of the world at the moment..
        But I so understand that for it to change it has to be brought to this point.. I was being drained, I needed to recharge, detach.. not meaning I didn’t or do not care.. Just re-grouping my own energies and putting focus upon the NOW of what matters..
        Like you I try my best to avoid the news.. but with a hubby who watches most bulitins.. I take myself off away from it…

        I have felt for a long time the world will turn on its head as chaos will seem to ensue before more wake up to themselves and what we are doing..
        This is all part of that awaking process..
        It will have to come to more drastic circumstances I feel to get the community back in -common- with each other and –unify– again to work with each other for the good of each other..
        I have for a long time contributed to Save the Children and the Red Cross each month.. Donate to charities and pass food around to my neighbours 🙂 and family..
        We have to start first and change our selves and our ways of BEing before we can change the world I know.. Which is why I used the quote again on top of my last poem.. I can not change the world, only how I am within it.. The rest has to be the ripple effect.. 🙂
        Thank you so Much Bela.. you so understand.. 🙂

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      2. Dear one, I would not ever make the assumption that you do not care – sorry if anything I said inferred as much – more that you care ‘too much,’ which was the case with a recently dearly departed friend. We can only do what we can do, and it is my opinion (and that of her husband as well) that this is what ‘broke her heart’ at 64 years of age. She was otherwise very healthy, was an avid gardener and community member. She hoped to see peace in her lifetime, but was only witnessing its opposite. Change is a tough thing, and humans are very resistant to it. I say what I say because I’d hate to lose you, even though we’ve never met. Aloha, and peace ❤

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      3. Oh no Bela I didn’t think at all you meant that my friend.. Yes we can make ourselves ill by caring too much as you say.. And you will not lose me.. I may go AWOL from time to time though lol 🙂 xxx ❤

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  5. That is such a beautiful sunset, and such a beautiful poem too. I particularly like the line, “we must trust and trust again”. Trust can be hard because it can hurt us – not everyone and everything is meant to be. But the more we trust, the more we might be able to live in the present. I think we can all trust in nature in how the sun rises and sets each day without fail – and that one day, we can and will see a beautiful end and start to the day 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Mabel! I appreciate your kind thoughts. As my body is of the earth and since it is she who has redeemed and renewed me, time and again, my trust is unwavering. With that said, I am off to sink my toes not in the garden today, but in the sand 😉

      And thanks for the visit – hope to connect more with your own work. I’ve seen your name in comment threads, here and there, and finally got to your site briefly to enjoy the feel of your own words. Aloha! Blessings on the day!


      1. Go and enjoy your garden. I am sure you already did and maybe you will tell us more about it soon 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. So glad we have connected and I am looking forward to popping by again 🙂

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