Enmeshed in creation,
I co-author days set
in motion by thoughts
devoid of thinking,

flowing over me
like salt-flavored froth
as it kicks loose and back
from the heart
of the wave.

2016-01-16 05.20.43

22 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. A profound thought…when it ‘flows from the heart’ and even flows over you, it overwhelms many hearts! However I do not consider it ‘destiny’…thoughts just come and go like waves, which cannot be harnessed, which need a free flow, which define us and lead us to our chosen destination.

    1. Aloha, Balroop, and thank you for your thoughts and interpretation. I do not disagree with what you’ve said, it’s always of interest to me. To my own mind, I draw a line between destiny and fate. To me anyway in a mythological sense, fate is unavoidable. Destiny, as I employ it anyway, is in a way ‘engineered.’ Chosen, crafted, co-created. In not resisting this free-flow of thoughts and being mindful of them, I am able to choose from the melee those which I need to attend to, for myriad reasons. It is in this choosing that I ‘author my days.’ And as many of these thoughts have no traceable source (again, for me), I term this co-creation. Anyhow, hope this clarifies my intent. Wishing you blessings on this day! ❤

      1. Interesting!! I have never tried to think about fate and destiny as separate entities. But at the same time I have felt we can change our fate to some extent if we put in whole-hearted efforts to make the difference. Sometimes we may succeed in making our own destiny…depends on how much faith we have in our endeavors! 🙂 Wishing you too a wonderful day and week.

      2. Haha, well – perhaps it’s semantics, and perhaps my interpretation, viewed largely through the lens of Western astrology, is incorrect. I think there’s likely a bit of destiny in fate and vice-versa. At any rate, I agree that we can change, for sure, and wholeheartedly believe mindfulness to be key. Ignoring the smaller promptings means we are largely at the mercy of our fate, as written. Thanks again, Balroop, for your kind and thoughtful regard, Bela

  2. It is wonderful knowing we are co-authors.. Co-creating with each ebb and flow.. Love nothing better than watching the waves crash to the shore.. (( wished I lived nearer the ocean.. )) 🙂 Love and Blessings Bela xx

    1. Yes, Sue, we don’t get to the ocean nearly as much as we used to – strange, that – instead, we sit in our magic gardens and watch the little birds enjoying a bath or some of the ripe fruits in the trees. Yet we’re within walking distance of cliffs overlooking some of the wildest oceanfront, similar to Maine’s rocky shoreline where we lived most of our lives. And 15 minutes from a swim in some of the cleanest ocean water on the islands; 25 from the sand beaches of the west end. So you’d think … 😉 Still, hearing the surf pound from our house means ‘surf’s up’ – and we walk down to the cliffs, camera in hand, to watch world-class surfers rappel down a rope to drop into this isolated bit of shoreline where they have amazing waves to themselves. Paradise it is! Blessings on the end of your week, dear one, and love! ❤

      1. I think every place in nature has its paradisiacal qualities. I’d like a little cool Irish mist right about now – oh, wait – I’m getting it early October! Where the islands will still be experiencing some of our hottest weather. Sigh 😉 xoxoxo

  3. I love the apparent contradiction, or paradox, of ‘thoughts devoid of thinking’. For me, it conjures that sense of just leaving the conceptual shenanigans of the mind behind, and yet remaining aware they’re still bubbling under, trying to form themselves without need to do so, perhaps with our feeling as if wandering across a metaphorical bridge to another world, and hearing the distant, fading sounds of the world left behind. Then again, you may be envisaging something with a far more reactive sense to it, as we respond to worldly events coming at us unbidden, and without time to think through our responses. Interpretations. Mysterious. Mahalo Bela! ❤

    1. As is so often the case, you’ve grasped my intended meaning, Hariod. I love your description of a metaphorical bridge to another world, this describes much of my own contemplative nature for much of my life. And while it’s been a lonely existence with many people and experiences flowing in and out, this relationship with the ‘unseen’ worlds has sustained me thus far and will, until my life’s end. What an amazing journey it’s been! So glad you’re along for part of the ride 😉 ❤

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