My dark eyes beheld you in that small sliver of moon
light touching bare shoulders, streaming down
from the stratosphere in a star-studded waterfall,
knew from that moment we had been caressed
by the hand of grace, a force supernal, bestowal
of knowledge everlasting that human beings,
far from the cursed lot we may at times seem,
hold virtue inside if we would but open
the sluiceways and wash our mortality clean
of the muddled mistakes of the past
and welcome radiance into the chambers
of our hearts to stay.


23 thoughts on “Awakening

    1. Thanks, Swarn, for the compliment. I’ve written quite a few poems on the moon over the years. And yes on the barest sliver. The moonlight slicing through the dark of night in a hallway, through our bedroom window, illuminating the outdoors enough to walk through the woods in the quiet of night, unaided by artificial light. I love the moon’s reflective power, as well – just that it, unlike the sun we cannot directly observe with the naked eye lest we damage our vision, almost invites one’s attentive gaze. Happy moon gazing to you! πŸ™‚

    1. Paul, I agree. I wonder if (aside from astrological inferrences) it’s because it shines at night when most around and among us are asleep. It feels spacious to me, like I am free to open myself completely to its reflective brilliance. I am glad you enjoyed the poem! Aloha ❀

      1. My sense, to me anyway, is the moon is pure, is a constant and reliable companion, and is unchanged. Such a contrast to the planet around which the moon orbits!

    1. Mahalo, David. I think if one pays attention to embodying each moment, the realization dawns that there are many small miracles we record in the deep recesses of memory. When reflected upon, they help balance the more challenging aspects of daily living. At least that’s true for me πŸ˜‰ Be well!

  1. What I like about this poem is the lilting light it exudes despite the darkness depicted by the use of imagery, probably the effect is being produced by the alliteration or the words, which are providing their coruscating glow. Superb choice of words!
    Thank you Bela, for such a sensuous and touching post, which is a treat for the eyes as well as emotions. A true awakening! Stay blessed and keep inspiring. πŸ™‚

    1. Balroop, I am honored by your praise. Your own words are awash with color and variegated light and I love that you have conferred them onto this little offering. Mahalo, dear, and stay blessed yourself! Aloha.

  2. This sounds as if a transcendently transformative moment, Bela, and an utterly unforgettable one at that. It reminded me of a moment around 30 years ago when my lover and I went walking at midnight under what little light the moon cast – “the blue and the dim and the dark cloths, of night and light and the half-light”. [Yeats] We drove out to a remote spot in a shallow valley, and followed the course of the winding little river – a tributary of Old Father Thames. As we strolled, the moon reflected upon the water beside us, yet we couldn’t make out the surrounding land. We noticed a horse neighing, and then the sudden sound of it cantering . . . towards us, closer and closer. We couldn’t make out its form, and knew it couldn’t make ours out. We embraced, hoping we would be safe from collision, yet somehow knowing we would be. There was a magic in the air that meant no harm could possibly be done, that this was a special moment, a moment of radiance within the chambers of our hearts – to plagiarise your beautiful words. Anyway, I’ve always remembered that very special moment, and thankyou for bringing it to mind once more with your lovely work here. H ❀

    P.S. Can I be neurotic again? Line eight. You seemed to appreciate the heads up last time.

    1. Ahhh, but the difference between the horse and the human is that the horse quite naturally trusts and doesn’t think about what it senses through its hoofs. It would never have run you over, this I can say with impunity. I would have died and gone to heaven to have had that experience, for I’ve loved and been around these splendid creatures all my life. They are highly intuitive and an amazing blessing to behold. What a story!

      I’ve had several experiences in the magic of moonlight, over the years. Certainly enough to spark a fair amount of poetry. Chris (husband) and I used to walk out at night quite a bit when we lived in the Maine woods – we had 65 acres on an extraordinary glacial-formed lake with huge granite boulders everywhere. We could walk around unclothed without the discomfort of running into anyone. Just to be one with nature – no big statement. We also had a sauna between the house and the lake – my ex was Finnish and had built it out of logs from the property next to a hand-dug well. We’d go in and sweat and then step outside to cool down, sometimes running down to the water to jump in, swim, and gaze up at the sky. Or we’d take the canoe out and just float and sky gaze.

      As to the editing suggestion, gosh, I know I’ve got too many distractions, going in one too many directions these days, but I do comb over and over my work before hitting Publish. Maybe I’m just getting addled in my old age! Thanks, my friend. ❀ ❀ ❀

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