Wind and sea, earth and fire;
sun scorches water, shriveling
it to savory powder as it dries
upon rocks bridging tidepools;

Salt in the ocean floats bodies
at its pleasure, pulls sand
out to sea for months at a time
and spits it back where
and when it wants;

Wind whips breakers into froth,
turns tide back onto itself,
strips moisture from earth
as bark from a tree;

Meanwhile the grass grows
and the river flows as it pleases;
shoreline, wind and blazing sun,
they have done this dance longer
than we can fathom, knowing more
than we ever will,
and not caring!

2016-01-16 05.46.12

19 thoughts on “Elemental

  1. Love this poem about the elements of the earth. A sense of liberation about it all. No matter what happens, the sun will still rise and the wind will still blow, sometimes stronger and sometimes gentler.

    Not caring is one of the best feelings in this world. You can do what you want – judgment from others, that is their problem.

    Lovely warm shot to go with it all. Beautiful sight 🙂

    1. Aloha, Mabel: Thanks for your comments, and glad you experience liberation in reading this offering. That pleases me 😉 Yes, if we could only take more cues from nature. The not caring part is difficult for humans, is it not? We are a complex species that way. Glad you like the photo as well, taken on the famed Mauna Kea beach. Sunsets there are, as happens also on Hanalei Bay in Kauai, just spectacular. Something about the light (more gold on Mauna Kea, more blue/indigo on Hanalei) and very different, these two beaches. But always amazing!

      1. And Aloha back to you, Bela (I hope I am using Aloha right…) 🙂 Agree with you that we are a complex species. Often we let our emotions get ahead of us. Maybe one day if I do visit you can show me these spots for sunsets. Simply stunning.

  2. I love it, Bella. I am always amazed at the way the sea takes the sand and then replenished it. Man decides they need to spend billions on beach replenishment projects and the sea laughs as it takes it all away. Mother Nature knows best 😉 Hope all is well dear soul 💜

    1. Aloha, Lorrie – you are right on the money! There are efforts even here to replenish sand where hurricane force winds and surf have removed it – yet you and I both know it will be gone again when the ocean decides she wants it somewhere else 😉 All Is well, thank you – hoping the same for you! ❤

  3. So lovely, and this piece made me think of how such harmony is created in nature in what is mere chance and necessity, which I think may be another way of expressing your own ‘not caring’, Bela. Contrast this with the pattern-seeking and order-obsessive human mind, with its neurotic cares and attendant proliferation of woes! H ❤

    1. Hariod, you’ve grasped it, once again – this poem was written as tribute to nature’s seemingly effortless expressions. The amazing orchestration whereby life in myriad forms is perpetuated. And though humans may attribute such monikers as ‘drama’ to her more exuberant acts, I am convinced it’s merely response to what is needed at the time. No big deal! From the blossoming of a wildflower to a mudslide or earthquake. I’m ever amazed to witness the sheer power of it all. Aloha ❤

  4. There are some who care Bela…who love them all, the water and the waves, the wind and the sand, the river and the ripples, the sun and the shadows…all leave a deep impact if we are sensitive enough to the changes, if we have the time to let them seep into our skin and carry them within us to bask in their glory later like Wordsworth could, when he said… “When oft on my couch I lie, in vacant or in pensive mood, they flash upon the inward eye and are a bliss of solitude.”
    Lovely poem, impregnated with a host of ideas. Thank you for the inspiration. Stay blessed! 🙂

    1. Oh, yes. Some Do care. Yet nature simply responds to whatever conditions require at the time (in order to balance?). It’s just incredible to witness. We who choose to do this are richly rewarded, for our psyches are imprinted with profundity that remains with us a lifetime – my interpretation of your own lovely expression of “let them seep into our skin and carry them within us to bask in their glory later.” Keeps us humbled enough, one would hope, to respect all of life that much more, for we know there is “beauty and terror” (Rilke) beyond understanding, but also beyond our control. We live in such a magnificent world, do we not? Love the Wordsworth quote as well. Thanks for sharing, Balroop! Aloha ❤

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