Crystalline silhouettes contract and pucker,
kissed now by sun like a lover rounding shards
of earth where thundering hooves
of waves seek ecstatic ground, flicking fingers
of saltwater sucking themselves dry
in flat palms of lava braced against shoreline
above which frigatebirds soar without pause;

Pass it, shake it, pour it on, dive deep
into its briny depths, oh, carry me, bear me
forth on waters of rebirth and distant lands far-flung
and wide enough that I can breathe unhindered, miles
from cityscapes and crowded streets;
grant the comfort of stillness, of liquid earth rolling
thick and crusty into oceanic depths, billowing
into uncluttered atmosphere marred only
by thunderheads gathering for the thrill
of distilling wonder.


9 thoughts on “Zing

  1. Love the feel of the freedom the ocean gives and would love nothing better to dive into its cleansing depths of discoveries
    And Loved your line..
    “bear me forth on waters of rebirth and distant lands far-flung and wide enough that I can breathe unhindered.. ”

    Oh would love that ZING… πŸ™‚ right now xxx

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    1. I write Renshi poetry (Japanese linked form) with a small group of women; have now for a few years. Occasionally we switch it up from the Renshi form, and recently we chose random mundane objects/things to write about. One chose butter, I chose salt, and this is my ‘salt’ poem πŸ˜‰ I, too love the ocean, though I haven’t been in it for awhile. Criminal, I know, when so many people would give anything to live here. I guess it’s because I know I can, anytime I want. But also with an El Nino, we’ve had bathwater here. It’s bleaching out much of the coral. So sad. I also ‘feel’ the ocean, and it’s not been my time of late. It will be, once again – perhaps with winter’s big waves! Those are fun πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your garden, Sue, and thanks for your kind words. ❀

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      1. I had not heard of this type of poetry before so was very interested.. And yes we take lots of things for granted when its on our doorstep. And yes I have been enjoying the garden.. Thank you Bela.. xx Have a good rest of the week

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