I find no comfort in half-light or half-truths,
cities where false neon glows pass
for daytime neverending,
unremembered history, ancient drumming
of rain on clay tiles and cobbled stones,
retaining naught but a fraction
of huddled humanity, while farmers awakened
in starlight to the grassy breath
of nickering companions, tang
of oiled leather as plow met harness
and lungs expelled vaporous clouds
into golden dawn mating green
and verdant horizons corrugated
by row upon row of emerald harvest;

And I wonder at drought in places
where rivers once coursed wild
and forgotten, nature’s byways bisecting
thick scalps of rushes giving way
to rooted groundswells where rhythms
once danced freely amidst conifers clustered
in open vistas, wedding of man to his hands
in the service of necessity, not artifice;

Even science was born in solitude
where questions and poetry awoke
in pin-drop stillness to sketch themselves
upon blank canvas minds, unsuspecting.


17 thoughts on “Once

  1. Absolutely beautiful, yet pregnant with poignancy. It seems as if we’re evolving (the irony!) into inhabiting a half-lit world, a half-truthed world, darkening both ourselves and the planet as we, as a specie, hasten our end. The poetry will survive us, silently reading itself in forests of fallen trees with the one hand of eternity clapping its inherited efforts. Go on, create dear Bela! Time is running out of us. H ❀

    1. Aloha, Hariod: As always, many thanks for your high praise. I wrote this upon returning to a friend’s east coast home after spending almost two weeks in the countryside of Ireland. As with places Chris and I have chosen to live, it did not disappoint, though with even more history than I’ve witnessed in awhile. The photo included herein was taken after an unexpected stop for tea, scones and clotted cream (!!!!) at Ballynahinch Castle Hotel. And though my friend lives in the tree-lined relatively quiet of a ‘burb outside Boston, the sky never fully darkened. Even she noticed it, having been in the dark of night once again, all during our stay across the pond.

      As ever, you and I seem to see very much eye-to-eye on the state of the world (and me back home tomorrow, just in time to get ready for the election debacle). And I do agree that any truly creative effort is not in vain. It’s a small ripple in the universal pond, to be sure, but ‘no less than the trees and the stars,’ as the Desiderata would have us remember.

      At any rate, dear one, thanks again for your input, and blessings on your week! ❀

  2. Many times I feel that Mother Nature’s beauty can only be admired, not described for our words are dwarfed in the wake of her myriad miracles but your words stand true and tall like the coniferous cadence, mingling with the softness of the surroundings as the picture above so beautifully illustrates. πŸ™‚
    What a blessed visit Bela, which has evoked reflections of rare quality…neon lights are indeed no match for the moonlight and the glow of the dawn but we can savour them only if we ‘stand and stare.’ Thank you for sharing superb thoughts.

    1. Balroop, you do me great honor with your kind feedback, especially as I sit in wait for yet another flight here in Boston. Profound thanks for your enjoyment of my word sketches. I feel so blessed that a few of you read with such caring and depth and take the time to share your thoughts. Blessings, dear one. ❀

    1. Thank you, sweet Sue. Oh, Ireland was amazing. And. My heart’s always been in and with the land. It’s the only thing that deters me from visiting distant shores with more frequency – I simply cannot maintain a sense of wellness (body, mind, spirit) in the chaos required to travel, these days. Peace ❀ ❀ ❀

      1. Yes I so understand that Bela.. At one time of the day we would travel abroad more often, sometimes twice a year when we were both working full time.. Nowadays the hassle gets too much especially through the airports today.. There are many places yet to see in the UK.
        Wishing you a peaceful weekend xx ❀

      2. Amen to ‘hassle’ and ‘airports’ in the same sentence … had no issues, but it’s just too much anymore. Content at home for awhile! Peaceful weekend to you as well ❀

      3. Yes, Sue, I am a happy person! πŸ™‚ That sometimes confuses people because I often ponder (and write from) the depths. Yet simply because I walk through life with eyes wide open does not mean I am tormented. I love this life, this amazing world. I feel so blessed to be here! Many blessings to You, dear Sue. Hope you’re having a fabulous week! πŸ˜€ ❀

      4. Likewise dear Bela.. Life is very precious and I am very privileged to be here on our Earth Mother.. πŸ™‚ And my week so far is great.. πŸ™‚ Enjoy every second of yours also my lovely friend x

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