There’s a trembling in the earth,
the quaking every baby bird senses
as it struggles to unfurl its tiny body
clad only in a breath of dandelion fluff,
winking at the brilliance of day,
life on a new planet, waking
into something it knows to its bones
is temporary;

And no matter how frantic humans try
to disguise it, louder sounds and busier highways,
the hum remains, disturbing sleep in dreams
supernal, lifting one outside the din
before neural networks shatter afresh,
merely to revive illusions set forth by fear
of nothingness, arching stilless, dread
of wonder, as if resistance could contain
a thing as vast as unknowing.


21 thoughts on “Quake

  1. That vast land of unknowing, and yet we KNOW.. like those cracked shells discarded in nests Life is precious and often fragile And yet those same ” tiny bodies clad only in dandelion fluff” wake up each day, Singing out their hearts to every new dawn giving thanks for a new day without worry or thought of where their next meal will come from.. Trusting in the process that all will be delivered..
    I keep on trusting too Bela xxx
    Excellent poem and lovely photo x

  2. Beautiful Bela, I especially love this part –

    “the hum remains, disturbing sleep in dreams
    supernal, lifting one outside the din
    before neural networks shatter afresh,
    merely to revive illusions set forth by fear
    of nothingness” – superb.

    – esme waving upon the Cloud

    1. Thanks, Mabel! It’s a young Melodious Laughing Thrush. They are typically shy birds, but are quite comfortable in our backyard. And their song – so beautiful! And yes, ’tis true that slowing down and taking one’s time is always an option. I Am well, thank you, especially since I’ve gotten over 3 days of serious jetlag after returning from Ireland. 21 hours of flying, even when broken up, is still a long journey. So glad I went, however! Hope you, too, are well! Sending you cheer and Aloha from these magical isles 😉 ❤

      1. Good to know, and very nice to meet Mr Thrush over in your part of the world. Maybe he is very glad that you are home 🙂 Hope you had a good time in Ireland, and maybe you will tell us all about it on your blog. Always good to get up and go for it…it is always a liberating feeling at the end of it knowing we have stood up and challenged ourselves. Love right back to you from Australia ❤

  3. It seems perverse if we were to think of, to be able somehow to calculate, the total time and energy we expend in a lifetime subtly ducking that which we know ‘in our bones’ – that all of this particularised chain of existence, ‘my life’, is temporary. More perverse still to resist knowing that which can never itself be known – our own non-existence, or the ending of that as we are within that chain. Life seems to cling to itself, though is it only the result of thinking with an isolative self-consciousness, as if ‘I’ could exist somehow separately from all of life? As always, dear Bela, you have me in a twofold lock of pondering your words’ meanings, and being arrested in sheer admiration for their beauty. H ❤

    1. Ah yes, and you certainly have a point there, Hariod. A few, actually. This ‘isolative self-consciousness’ (what a wonderful way to define that which is humanity’s most self-sabotaging feature, at least in my opinion) almost singlehandedly perpetuates separation – from one another, surely; from other species, unquestionably. And isn’t it ridiculous, as you’ve so poignantly penned, how much ‘time’ is wasted in futility, as if believing something ludicrous will one day make it so? Back in my late ’30’s, early ’40’s, I drove a lovely black Audi Quattro (my one and only fancy car, ever) with the license plate OTHELO (6 ltrs allowed). The only bumper sticker I placed on the back window was small and in black (background) and white (print). It was worded, “Some things exist whether you believe in them or not.”

      Wish I still had that little sticker, discovered in some goth store in a mall somewhere when my daughters were teens. I’ve quoted it in one way or another ever since!

      Many thanks and blessings Hariod, as always. Enjoy a beautiful week! ❤

  4. Hi Bela,
    I like the way you write about the finer nuances around us…some of them go unnoticed by those who are insensitive. For the last two days the sound of rain by my window has enriched my thoughts, added fantasy to my imaginative skills yet I have not been able to pen down something as good as this one. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece, a subtle comment on life as we live these days…

    1. Balroop, you are too kind. You possess your own unique mastery of words, and I’m sure one day those thoughts will translate into a fine tribute to the rain outside your window. Best wishes for an enriching, relaxing weekend! ❤

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