Out of silence arrive conditions,
long-lost children of the aching heart
of creation, rolling over the dark and wide waters,
gathering momentum, building crescendos,
thunderheads threatening vistas swelling succulent
with potential, conclusions suspended in the wings
of soaring seabirds or crowded jet liners;

Then without warning, gushing headlong
into thirsty ground, mating need with desire,
soaking and stripping, freeing nutrients
from their long-suffering dormancy while buds unfurl
fragile heads, tentative at first, arching rainbows
glistening, straightening spines emboldened
as draping verdant luxurious velvet spreads
over scorched, scratchy burlap of earth.


23 thoughts on “Awaken

  1. Reading this, I felt like I was taken through the calm before the storm and then through the storm. Fragile hearts…arching rainbows… The feelings that we feel when the weather rages.

    Hope the weather has been well your end of the world. It had been very windy here of late, so much so it’s hard to go out exploring, lol 😂

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    1. Mabel, I’m glad you ‘felt’ the poem – this is, indeed, how the words come about for me. As for wind, holy cow, today I had to make a materials run to town for my builder husband – town being 1-1/2 hrs. away. Bringing home 16′ lumber on the overhead rack with the wind screaming and buffeting and vibrating the tie-down straps – the noise was deafening! Glad to finally be home in my comfy little office and sitting still! Aloha ❤ Hope your week is going smoothly!


      1. Good to hear you made the journey home safely. All that rattling must have also made the car shook too. It has been a very windy spring here in Melbourne this year. There have been days where I’ve been out in the city and I had to be careful I had to be holding on to my bags and jackets tightly, lol.

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  2. I love this , Bela 🙂 There’s an urgency I felt while reading this and I wish I knew exactly what you were thinking as you penned it. Hope all is super wonderful…and happy your trip with the lumber found you home safe! ♡

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    1. Lorrie, first, thank you! Secondly, ‘why’ I wrote this was due to the fact that we’ve been experiencing torrential rains most nights here for awhile now. We’ve had a very wet year altogether, yet I’m grateful always for the rains. Parts of the island are in drought and we will likely experience dry again one day – when we arrived in 2005, it was in the midst of a 9-year drought cycle. After eleven years of living on the island, I can easily recall how little rain it took for a dry/dry area to suddenly deck itself out in a velvety carpet of green. And that’s how the poem got written! 🙂 Aloha, dear one ❤


      1. Ah! Perhaps the urgency I felt was due to our recent altercation with Hurricane Matthew. Either way, your words paint a picture of the incredible power and giving of life that is Mother Nature. Try as I might to relax and trust in these kind of storms, I can not lie…my fear bubbles from a place I don’t go to much any more, and that may require more work on my part!
        Sending loving thoughts ♡

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      2. Yes, Lorrie – I think there are those who enjoy ‘weathah’ as they used to say back in Maine. And there are those who are suspended in various states of fear when it comes, awaiting the calm. I’m definitely one of those who loves a good storm, a variety of weather conditions, a howling wind or whipping seas. It suits me well to an island climate, especially on the northern end. We each find our ideal place, hopefully, on this amazing earth. Enjoy what’s left of your week, dear Lorrie! ❤ And thanks, as always, for your generous comments.

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  3. Each and every image is standing before me Bela…literally as well as symbolically! How well have you penned the beauty of the clouds and rain…as if you have been in their heavenly company whole day…the natural inspiration for poets… The dark clouds have been very kind last week and have provided us the wonder of much needed celestial drops, falling slowly so that the drought of many years gets washed away this year completely. Much love dear friend. 🙂

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    1. Balroop, few things delight me more than knowing another has received my heart’s expression in the way you so kindly express. I’m grateful for it. I live close to the earth and have done so since I left home at 18. In the woods, on islands, in the high desert, and always, always near water and wild. Observing how nature attempts to balance herself has always fascinated me, even though sometimes it seems to take awhile. We are so enjoying this rainy year after almost a decade of drought here on the islands. It reminds me of Hawaii 25 years ago when that balance seemed easier to achieve. Tradewinds daily, rains at night, rainbows every morning and clouds moving across azure skies. We treasure this time, knowing what will surely come again. I’ve taken this opportunity to plant, plant, and plant some more – creating as much shade, fruit and flowers I can on this 1/2 acre. Friends have called this ‘Bela’s garden of Eden.’ Indeed, at least for now, it does seem so. Peace to you, Balroop, on another blessed day of living! Aloha and love ❤

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  4. Quite wonderful, Bela, and some of the most cinematically powerful imagery I’ve seen you conjure. I wanted to hear you reading this and just be able to gaze at that perfectly complementary picture – a potentially sublime synthesis of your idea here. Have you ever considered using audio files? H ❤

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    1. Hariod, once again, thank you. I believe I’ve mentioned before that I spent 9 years in radio, but the thought never occurred to me to implement sound files for my poetry. I will give it some thought, as I had no idea such a thing was possible here on WP.

      Enjoy your upcoming week! It’s hard to imagine you ending a day I am just walking into, even though I know it to be true. Strange to ponder, and worth plugging into the ever-seeking source from which originate ideas for future ramblings … 😉 Peace, dear one ❤

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