Winds of Change

Coconut clusters suspended in morning’s still air,
respite now from ceaseless battering, frond fingers lightly
taking measure, drumming air as in disbelief,
not trusting permanency anymore than should I;

Meanwhile doves coo while biding time, their turn
to bathe in muddy puddles up and down
our pockmarked snip of road, not knowing
or caring that just seconds away in wing-time
lies a clean vessel of glazed indigo awaiting
cotton-light bodies of countless Mejiros,
Melodius Thrush tucking heads into warm breasts;

Presently daylight’s ushers gather
in darkening corners, theatre of the absurd,
a nation suspended, awaiting the first frame
of yet another day’s flickering flashes
on split screens, paradox of morning
and mayhem.


13 thoughts on “Winds of Change

      1. The only way I can view these changes Bela is that the World of Politics are changing.. We have to view these times of Change as the Global Changes which are affecting many countries including our own UK.. We are all stepping out of our comfort blankets and like Brexit there is a lot of speculation..
        I am a great believer in all things happen for a reason.. We may not see that reason as yet.. I will keep on keeping on, spreading LOVE and Unity.. I pray that the USA comes together in their differences..
        Love and Hugs xxx ❤

      2. Yes Sue, agreed. Brexit did come to mind. There’s a larger energy afoot, for sure. And I, too agree that there is method in madness – a greater purpose, if you will. It doesn’t lessen the shock right now. I need time to sort it all out – to get to the core feeling of it. Just numb right now. I have a lesbian daughter who was planning to marry early next year (and many gay/lesbian friends, married or not). I very much appreciate your support and prayers for unity. I also know the depths of dissolution that are often needed in order for a new model to emerge (decline of empire). Again, just in shock. We will all survive, and the hope is that I live long enough to witness the emergence part. xoxoxoxo

      3. Yes I so understand Bela.. and I too have many gay friends.. and was once honoured in my capacity long ago within my spiritual work to be asked to act to preside at a gay wedding to act to Bless their union, ( in the days before Marriage was recognised in the UK ) it was a great honour as they wanted the union as one dear friend she had terminal cancer.. A very happy yet sad day for all..
        Some times these leaders or heads of state emerge to challenge the establishment..
        Brexit at the moment is being challenged in the courts upheld by an ancient law dating back to the sixteen hundreds.. LOL.. telling us again how ancient some of these laws of the land are.. Which often in themselves need reviewing and modernising.. Have faith dear Bela, that the flow is happening and all is as it should be.. I have to think that or I add to the vortex of the negative.. ❤ Love and hugs xxx

      4. Yes. Decline of empire, as I say. Wish the DNC had accepted Bernie Sanders’ majority vote over Clinton. I, myself didn’t like her duplicitous nature. And change IS needed. There is no doubt about it. And as my dear husband was saying this morning, ‘Remember, he will have to abide by certain laws; there IS the Supreme Court’ … and so on. Meanwhile, I’m working myself out of said vortex. Love to you, dear one. Your words are balm to my wounded spirit. I so appreciate them. ❤

      5. Remember also what Obama declared he would do He didn’t get half the things passed he set out to achieve.. 🙂 I still feel Presidents and Prime Ministers are all puppets who do the bidding of the backroom boys.. :-(.. Nothing changes much.. But we are seeing that THE PEOPLE on both sides of the pond are wanting change… And Change is Happening.. ❤

      6. Funny you mention Obama. I was out getting breakfast together and was thinking of him and how his agendas were blocked. The only diff here is that both Senate and House now also have Republican majorities. And that’s not good news. Still you are correct, people want change – me too! – so this is a catalyst, for sure. Beyond my choosing or my preference. But change is coming. And that is good. ❤

  1. Supremely philosophical thoughts!
    Bela, permanency is the biggest myth that hovers around us with hawkish hedonism, letting us sink into the abyss of delusion and positive minded people often feed on hope…even if it is unstable and illusionary. Those muddy puddles always look fascinating; they reveal their true nature only when we step into them for momentary pleasure!
    Change is welcome as far as we can handle it, if not another change is always peeping through the darkness we may step into…isn’t it so marvelous? All is well till we have discerning minds and the need of the hour is to keep the efforts up to nurture some more. Love and hugs.

    1. I like that, ‘hawkish hedonism’ 😉 Of course I know nothing lasts, but was hoping for a more progressive change – not the slip back into the 50’s. But you are, of course, correct in that change and more change is possible; always possible. And apparently ‘this’ is what we needed, collectively speaking. Much love, Balroop.

  2. You already know what I’m thinking, dear Bela, so I’ll not draw on what remains of your current energies in discussing it. Connections such as we have forged, and as echoed in our shared space by other good souls, seem all the more precious today. H ❤

    1. Yes, I suspect I do know. Since this horror occurred, I am clearly and presently reminded of those in my life whose senses are piqued and attuned to our shared humanity. Still stunned, I find myself waiting to awaken from this nightmare. Then I realize I’m still in it. Blessings, Hariod – you all keep me sane, and that’s the truth. ❤

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