12 thoughts on “No Words

  1. No words needed Bela… I could not believe this result.. Like I said to others today.. The one word I heard more on British TV from those speaking in the USA today was the word HEAL..
    I hope that differences can be healed and Communities come together and do not get divided..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx


    1. Yes, that’s the positive spin, I guess. If you ask my body right now, and I’ve long trusted its wisdom, it doesn’t feel good at all. So many steps backward. And the hardest thing to take is knowing ‘them’s us.’ We are all One. And I don’t know what to do with those dark corners of the collective right now. Much love, sweet Sue. ❤

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  2. This picture is so symbolic…it speaks volumes in the present scenario.
    Lets think of HOPE…each syllable is powerful Bela…lets break it up in a positive way and take H for healing, O for overcast, P for proverbial patience and E for embellishment…till next time when we face them with renewed fervor!

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    1. Balroop, bless your sweet soul. I am striving for hope, believe me. And working through feelings of dread today. Sue Dreamwalker helped boost me with the remembrance that everything has purpose, and I don’t doubt this. Nothing lasts, and we know this, as well. And lucky us, because not everyone does. I’m an idealist by nature, and it bites me in the butt from time to time. As my husband reminded me over lunch, no regime has lasted forever – good or bad – throughout history. “Decline of Empire” has occurred to me these past few months, over and over again. I’m sure there’s a reason. And as Sue pointed out, this is happening all over the world. We live in such times. Change is afoot. Now to accept the collapse part so that a more positive vision can occur. Big love and hugs! ❤

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