Dark Moon Rising

I’m waiting in the dark to sleep,
but it won’t come, I feel the creep,
the broken bits of hearts and minds
lie scattered like the leaves, the vines
are choking back a flood of tears,
are mourning for the empty years
it seems we have accrued in vain
while human rights now fall like rain
onto a toxic, littered ground
of ignorance worn like a crown;

‘Tis not the sceptre of a King,
this ruthless gore, the suffering,
the Baptist’s head upon a plate,
in service to some nobler fate
as if accused could turn within
and simply shed offensive skin;

Did not in mind the lessons gel?
A heaven craved, what tortured hell
demands this blood out on the streets?
Attacking those who cannot meet
the venom dripping from veiled eyes,
the blindness-shredding thin disguise,
the dull and cataracted gaze
of Stepford wives, of husbands crazed,
and even their pale Christ would flee
white-peak’ed haberdashery;

We breathe a truth, believe it’s real,
has always been, despite appeal,
what cannot be accepted, worse
when viewed as blessing or a curse
can only be corrected there,
within the flesh and bones and hair;

One finger pointed out and straight,
four digits cannot castigate,
but curl, unyielding, toward the one
that dares to judge another’s son
or daughter somehow less than they
whose lives, unblemished, rue the day
of Judgment when their fate is sealed
and once again they stand, revealed.


23 thoughts on “Dark Moon Rising

      1. Love it. I’d agree it’s 60’s but 1660’s 🙂 With a nod to Calderón de la Barca.

        “We live, while we see the sun,
        Where life and dreams are as one;
        And living has taught me this,
        Man dreams the life that is his,
        Until his living is done.
        The king dreams he is king, and he lives
        In the deceit of a king,
        Commanding and governing;
        And all the praise he receives…”

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      2. Oh, you are So not kidding – 1660’s. Yikes. One can only imagine how this is all going to shake out. You are lucky you are in Europe. Or not (!) Things are shaking, world-wide. Not sure if there will be any corners in which to hide from the madness. Glad I’m in Hawaii, however. ❤

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      3. The Second Coming, by Donald J. Trump (from an idea by W. B. Yeats)

        So, we’ve got all this turning, right?
        Lots of movement in the gyre
        No one knows what a gyre is, but I’ve got smart people on it
        The best people, really
        The falcon can’t even hear this falconer
        We all know why that is, right?
        Because this falconer we’ve got, he’s a loser!
        Things falling apart everywhere, the center with no hold
        A center can’t be held by a loser!
        Blood everywhere, and why? No conviction!
        Our enemies? They’ve got conviction. I admire them, I do!
        You know who else has conviction? I do!
        Wait until you see my conviction. It’s huge!
        Oh, believe me, there’s something big on it’s way
        Straight out of the desert, like the sphinx or whatever
        Makes me sick to think of it
        It’s coming, what do we do?
        Well, it’s not gonna make it past the wall we’re building
        The best wall, really, everyone says so
        That’s right, we’re gonna build a wall to keep all these sphinxes out!
        So, you got this thing, whatever, this group of sphinxes
        Moving slowly, slouching, really
        Trust me, they’re on their way here
        But first they’ve gotta stop in Bethlehem
        We all know what Bethlehem is, right?
        It’s where God was born!
        Read your bible, 2 Corinthians
        Two Corinthians walk into a bar, it says
        You know where that bar was? Bethlehem!
        You know where Bethlehem is? A couple of miles from Jerusalem, that’s where!
        That’s right, these sphinxes are coming towards Jerusalem, apparently to have babies.
        That’s right: more sphinxes!
        I’m the only one who can stop them; these other guys, they’re choke artists
        No more sphinxes on my watch!


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      4. Honest to god, you’ve got it. Can you believe the American public was duped by this moron? Oh, well. Guess now they’ll get what they deserve. Oh, wait – ‘they’s’ us too. UGH. Aloha, Hariod ❤


  1. This darkness is overwhelming dear Bela but don’t forget the moonlight, which may be soft and serene yet it lights up the dark night, lending it a unique beauty and it is humanly impossible to annihilate this beautiful light. It can break through the “veiled eyes,” it can filter through the drapes of hatred…even a chink is enough to usher in hope.
    I can understand those eyes, craving for sleep…the mind yearning for a flip button to keep those creepy thoughts away as I have slowly but painstakingly learnt calmness to move on in this journey of life…read my poem, https://balroop2013.wordpress.com/2016/01/03/the-call-of-calmness/

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    1. Thanks as always for your kind and thoughtful words, dear one. I’m feeling better as time passes, more with a bend toward what you’re saying, and thought not to publish this today. But it wanted Out. For whatever reason. I will read your poem, doubtlessly touching, dear Balroop – when I return from a day of errands. Blessings on the day! ❤


  2. Bela…Bela…Bela!! HOORAY…HOORAH!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved this one 😃 It had a rising tempo…full of all the energy that created it!! I just read it out loud to a friend…and i
    I recommend everyone to read it out loud…it’s even better that way!! 💜💜

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    1. Haha, that’s interesting, Lorrie -while writing this poem, I read it out loud several times to my husband – I don’t always do this, and never this many times. (He’s a good sounding board.) Thanks for the compliment 😉 My rant, for what it’s worth … Aloha, dear ❤


  3. Bela this is a most excellent poem.. and Like Lorrie I too read it several times and out loud the final time. You are not on your own within the sleepless zone of Moon Energy that is stirring up emotions Bela.. I too lay awake for two nights pondering. But I was told to Trust in the scheme of things..

    Yes so many eyes clouded and veiled right now as they point fingers of judgment..
    I am hopeful Bela that the Moon phases which complete their cycles will shed light upon those who never look at themselves in the mirror..
    I feel this particular phase of change will herald in more Light to expose the shadows still lurking that needs to be cleansed.. I loved your thoughts and they needed to be said out loud and read by all who would Listen..

    hugs Sue ❤ with much love xxx


    1. Thanks for the compliment, Sue. I mean, I’d just as soon ‘not’ have written it – it could have stayed in the box for eternity, if only people were not in a trance and using their heads in this election. I’m still not sleeping – so moon or no, the ripple has become a tidal wave – while on one hand I’m sure whatever has happened was needed on some level, on another level, I’m feeling the rumbles beneath the ground of consciousness and wondering what’s going to have to happen before we seek balance over madness. Only time will tell. Peace and blessings to you, dear Sue. Thanks always for taking time to share your kind thoughts and energies. ❤

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      1. Yes Bela.. I keep telling myself All happens for a reason though often we can not see it until further down the line.. I am reminded of something I saw on a quote by JK Rolling She said the cracks appear so that the light can get through. And we so need that Light right now.. We could tip either way.. But deep down Bela I believe in the good hearts of people.. And I feel this is always waking others up to their compassionate side.. It may get worse before it gets better.. But sometimes people have to wake up to just how good they have it, and they can not see that until things get worse..
        I have to trust All things are relevant.. I have always said and felt 2017 will be the year when a great shift will take place.. I also feel our Earth Mothers rumbles too who echo’s our own.. We may all be given our wake up calls..
        Love and hugs and we have to trust all is well in our world, and that the Universal Plan is on track.. xxx ❤

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      2. Aloha, Sue, yes, and I, too, have strong guidance that 2017 is a massively pivotal year – have had since last year or the year before, as has my eldest daughter. And I do have faith all is in ‘divine order,’ as it were, but it doesn’t make it easier to witness the choices we, collectively, are making. Many paths to the mountaintop, and all that – did we have to choose THIS one?! 😉 Also JK Rowling must have been quoting Leonard Cohen from his song Anthem:
        “Ring the bells that still can ring
        Forget your perfect offering
        There is a crack in everything
        That’s how the light gets in.”
        Peace and love to you, dear one. ❤

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