We live, we learn, we dream ourselves awake
into this life, unfurl curling brain stems
in the brilliance of day (not the inky blackness
of night, save Cereus, her beauty known only
to those willing to stumble
onto her luminous crown, mind the thorns,
all beauty has its price);

What is accomplished, how is it learned,
as secrets reveal themselves, sly Geisha
smiles peering out from behind delicate fans
or points driven home like Roman spears;
either way, we mark time and are marked
ourselves by decisions, responses, pauses
in the dance to tend bruised knees
or reach triumphantly toward the heavens;

We conquer, are defeated, it matters not,
this theatre continues unto dying
where masks slide off and we confront
what persona no longer conceals. Naked
to the soul, we step onto the final launching
pad into worlds lesser known,
awaiting masters of uncertainty.

~ image, bj: Cereus, when she fruits, yields the delicious Dragonfruit


8 thoughts on “Unmasked

    1. Thanks, Renee! As for dragonfruit, we’ve got several varieties on the islands. Some I’m growing myself. It’s quite the serious cactus, I’ll tell ya! Prickly stuff. Beautiful blossoms. The fruit, hmmm …. well …. hard to describe. Kind of like a real firm kiwi in texture with its very own flavor. (Asked my husband how HE’d describe it, and he says, “hmmm … hmmm …. well … hmmmm ….” So I’m not alone in having difficulties. Super good though! Aloha 🙂

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  1. Hi Bela,

    I am trying to understand the connection between this cactus like fruit, the smiles of that Japanese hostess, Roman spears and our own existence on this earth…are they symbols for our accomplishments and hypocrisy?
    Living, learning and leaving are the three realities we have to follow, without any choice! Who cares about the masks these days? They are construed as graceful filters, necessary for multifaceted world!

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    1. Yes, many layers to this poem, but ultimately it speaks to existential realities. Which are, as you so astutely point out, unavoidable. And masks are, yes, sometimes necessary. Yet in the end, all the masks and filters drop and we are left as, what? Pure spirit? Pure light/energy? At any rate, we no longer possess these bodies (and illusions?), so what next? I am the last to try and claim what that is. I’m just creatively asking the questions.

      As for Cereus, she is one of very few lovelies that blooms at night. Which perhaps, in itself, alludes to the point that (if we attend to our dreams?) we, too, may flower into that oft-disregarded realm of night. My dreams have taught me So much over the years, I almost pity those who say they do not dream.

      Aloha and love to you, Balroop. Thanks for your thoughts, as always!

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  2. Well, you had me with this one within the first three seconds: “we dream ourselves awake
    into this life”
    . Anyway, the whole piece sizzles and cuts and exults in the reading, like life itself, perhaps – a fruit(ion) that breathes fire. Who would have it any other way, though? And in the learning wrought from our being burned, and sliced, at times, slowly forms a quiet transformation. The dragon, likewise, a symbol of transformation in ancient culture. Fabulous poetry, dear Bela; you never fail to thrill. H ❤

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    1. Ah, I didn’t think of the dragon as pertains to dragonfruit – excellent, excellent (she taps her fingers together like Monte Burns on The Simpsons 😉 ). Thank you, dear Hariod, for your kind comments. And you are correct, at least in my eyes if not in fact, that life does sizzle, cut and exult – if not, how could transformation take place? At least given the conditions of life on earth … May the remainder of your week be a gentle one, and here’s hoping you’ve got heat and some ease for awhile. ❤

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