I do not flourish in chaos,
though some thrive completely therein;
I’ve caused and I’ve witnessed the sorrows
that settle just under the skin;

You may tempt me or taunt as it pleases,
that is your need, not mine to behold;
I prefer and I cherish the spaces
in deep quiet that nurture the soul.






41 thoughts on “Echo

      1. Hahahahaha. I love your wee vignette of me and H running about like a pair of tits wearing ruffs Mr P. Did you email me previously? If so I’ll fill you in tomorrow. If not , send it me via a comment or to my email address on the Cloud and I’ll do the same. *nods* – e.u.t.C x

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  1. That is a very strong first line, and one that I actually agree with. I too do not flourish in chaos especially when I am not prepared. In these kinds of situations you just have to…wing it. I also like how you suggested (I think) that chaos can be tempting – because when things are out of control, sometimes we feel a kind of adrenalin that something good may come our way 🙂

    This poem resonates with me and what’s happening with my life lately. Work hasn’t been too steady, but I’ve chosen to stick it out. Each day I wonder if it will be my last day at work lol. Tempting as it may be to up and go to another job, it is a job that pays well and I like what I do there. Double-edged sword right there.

    Silence and quietness does calm my soul and mind, being the introvert that I am. When it’s quiet, I can hear my thoughts and hear what my instincts are telling me, and telling me which direction I should go.

    Love the photos by Hawaii’s waters and that land there (it looks like a bit of a small hill) 😀 Great photography. Hope to visit one day 🙂

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    1. Mabel, your feedback is always interesting, and I’m grateful we connected through WP. Thank you.

      You and I are different when it comes to needing to be prepared, however – I am a spontaneous sort and do best without a lot of restriction. I do make plans, however – one needs to shop for provisions and meet friends and such. And perhaps I’m misconstruing your intention when referring to preparedness. I am, for example, taken (far) aback when somebody says something unkind or cruel – it’s almost impossible for me to reel off a comeback. This has happened several times in my life, too – from people I least expect it from – they say or do something totally out of character, making me the target of their unresolved inner conflict. I had years of psychology training, thus I understand it as projection, but it still catches me off-guard.

      On the point of chaos being tempting, no, I didn’t suggest it; more like it’s the modus operendi of others and they feel compelled to provoke those of us who prefer to shield ourselves a bit from the maelstrom of emotions they wish to engage. In THIS way, I would rather be prepared, and perhaps that is your meaning(?) I don’t often know how I’m feeling about a certain situation until I’ve spent some time in contemplation in order to filter through the static to discover what is authentic. I don’t like to blurt out a retort, it has too often hurt another and that is not my intention (do no harm resonates deeply with me). It’s similar to how you say you need to hear your thoughts and instincts.

      The first two photos are of Hanalei Bay on Kauai and the second were taken from the Kohala Mountain Road here on Hawaii Island’s north shore. The hill is called a pu’u and is a small cinder cone volcano, part of the Kohala Mountain Range. Driving along this road is forever a delight, rolling hills on one side and the Alenuihaha Channel on the other. I hope you do get the chance to visit! This is an amazing place.

      Enjoy the rest of your week! ❤


      1. I think it depends on a situation as to whether or not I react spontaneous. If I am talking with a friend I know for a while or know quite well, I am not afraid of hurling a retort that borders (or can be) insulting – and we both have a good laugh over it. They are known to be spontaneous with me too, calling me names randomly and I have no issues with that.

        I am sorry to hear you have been the brunt of unkind words. The people who said that to you, they need to find their way.

        In most other situations like at a workplace or travel, I like to be prepared and organised. Recently I spent two weeks prepping responses for a job interview – it was tempting to sit back and be complacent because I had already come this far, but no, my inner instinct said prepare more examples to talk about to the employer.

        Loved the little tour of your backyard, Bela. Making me all the more eager to come and visit ❤ Wishing you well this weekend and next week ❤ ❤

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      2. Hope your interview goes well or went well, Mabel! As for me, yes, I’ve been told all my life to grow a thicker skin, but it’s not in my nature to do so. I accept this now, and spend most of my time alone in nature. Hope you have a fabulous weekend as well! And a festive time upcoming, no matter how you celebrate (or don’t!). ❤


      3. Thanks, Bela. It has been a very good week for me 🙂 I think you are very wise to grow a thicker skin. There will always be critiques and those who won’t agree with us. I can take a leaf out from your book 🙂 Lots of love to you this time of the year, and hope you have a wonderful week ahead ❤

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  2. Yes! Sorrows do settle under the skin till their echoes become unbearable, till we realize we have to let them echo louder! So paradoxical!! Yes! They do nurture the soul…I can vouch for that, either they corrode it completely or embellish it to emerge brighter. I prefer the latter.
    Thank you Bela for such a profound, thought-provoking poem and beautiful pictures. 🙂

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    1. Balroop, this is why I hesitate to explain poetry to people, though I usually do on WP – share what was on my mind at the time, if readers are curious. This poem was written about certain people I’ve known who somehow cannot abide my simply wanting a peaceful, quiet life – I live mostly in silence – but they have to try and stir things up emotionally by saying something off-putting, often cutting, sometimes unkind. I’m just so over this. If certain people – for we are all so different – wish to explore their emotions by echoing them off one another, again and again, by all means, I encourage them to do so. But I do wish they’d leave me out of it. I had an extremely emotionally volatile upbringing, and into my early relationship days, into raising two girls into adolescence, which is never without conflict; though all in all, I think we did quite well, and I loved seeing them grow into independent women (even if it Was sad seeing them leave home). I’m so happy to be with a man who nurtures peace and contentment as much as I do. It’s taken me years to accept it, to revel in it, even. So again, to each their own, and I’m so happy my words encourage such a broadly interpreted canvas of thought. Best to you as ever, dear one. Thank you ❤

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      1. I can understand such emotions very well Bela, having experienced them well and learning from each one…life is like that my friend. The best we can do is seek solace in the empowerment, which slowly builds up and the resilience to keep away from those who try to stir unpleasant phases of life. 🙂 Stay blessed and have a nice week.

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  3. This is beautiful Bela.. along with those beautiful photos .. I am just emerging from the deep space of my own Soul dear Bela.. And I so thank you for the light your light and the love you share..
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.. and a Happy and Peaceful New Year..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx ,3

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  4. I just loved the stunning visuals of your balmy hills and soothing waters, and, of course, the banter here. It set me wondering whether there could be so much chaos in serene Hawaii to agitate a good soul like you. On a positive note, let us thank heavens for chaos, as without it life would have been bereft of any creative urges and sunk into quagmires of insipidity. Wishing you, Bela, all merriment of the season and more rewarding days ahead….

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    1. Mahalo, Raj – sometimes I struggle with the thought of simply offering the many photos taken on this lovely island instead of words … though I do love writing them 😉 And you are correct, there is chaos in the world, for certain. And I can accept that, for reasons you mention. Rather I was referring to the chaos of urban living, of mall shopping, of large gatherings of people, whether it be in airports or political rallies. I learned to function in such places early in my life, but it always came at a cost. Thankfully we are all different, or everyone would rush to fill the spaces I thrive in. Blessings to you, Raj, during this festive time of year, and into the new year. Many changes ahead, no doubt. Aloha.


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