On this wet Sunday afternoon, quiet beckons
with slender tendrils and we head out, dogless
and solitary, seeking only a spit of dry ground
to wander the rock-encrusted coastline
just down the road from our little town;

Recently returned from half a world away
heads full of urban din, the endless thrum
that redefines silence as simply a lack
of jackhammers and belching traffic,
the background buzz of commuting hordes
tromping ceaselessly along sidewalks rimmed
with unearthed asphalt overturning business
as usual long enough to enhance the means
by which one might traverse one end
of concrete jungle to the other, tracks
not yet laid onto ground before being
seamlessly pressed into blacktop,
correcting grey stone walkways
and the polished granite foyers
of high-end hotels inconvenienced just now
by this perpetual digging;

We are survivors, my husband and I, who
between us possess knowledge of the sort
it takes to fashion a living from soil
and surroundings, though I’ve said it
countless times before, those skills
would languish in a place built
on broken stone and steel;

Give us rich volcanic earth and blue breath,
the howl of wind and rain driven sideways
or straight down and penetrating, turquoise
ocean troughs tempered by amber fields
of scrub and twists of prickly kiawe rising
to knobs of verdant velvet and ironwood
clad cinder cones punctuated only by flocks
of paper-white egrets seeking shelter
in the paint brush hues of evening,
and we are home.

33 thoughts on “Survivors

  1. There is no feeling like Home.. and having that tranquil peace and quiet surround you.. Being away and exploring another part of the world is fine and can be exhilarating.. But cities have never been welcome places for me… I only tolerate them for experience and exploration.. Give me the soil, plants, ocean, forests and wind any day dear Bela..
    I hope you enjoyed your Sunday stroll..
    Wishing you a wonderful week.. See you upon my return from my own explorations of Mountains and Lochs.. 🙂

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    1. Oh, too true about home, though I don’t imagine everyone feels as we do. Sometimes it’s merely somewhere to hang the hat. But we gardeners are another lot altogether …

      I hope you have a fabulous time in the heather lands 😉 Sunday stroll photos, not too many, if you wish to peruse our corner of the world in a few images:

      Love to you, dear Sue ❤

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      1. So very beautiful Bela.. I managed to dodge the FB sign in and see above it.. As I am not a member.. Lol.. But I got to see.. and your dogs also lovely.. 🙂 And thank you.. I am so ready to kick off my shoes in the heather so to speak… 🙂 Case packed today… 🙂 and off on Thursday early. 🙂

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      2. ohgosh – heaven only knows how these ‘anybody can look’ links appear to you all. Facebook seems a necessary evil in my life with loved ones and former clients flung far and wide. A way to stay connected in images, though I tire of its insipidness, for sure. Have a wonderful, wonderful time! :)))) xoxoxo

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      3. 🙂 Bela.. I clicked on a picture and it took me to the larger version.. And they were very special places to walk.. So do not be too harsh on FB… lol.. Its a place I have resisted… To many I know have fell out on there… So avoid it… and never felt compelled to join.. But to keep in touch its a great tool to keep family close and share connections… And I will Big smiles.. xxx ❤

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    1. Yes, looks can be deceiving. Chris used to bodyboard here, but man, Hawaii’s north shore is Hawaii’s north shore. And this isn’t O’ahu – sandy – it’s rocky as hell. He said it was like putting himself in a washing machine on the most aggressive agitation cycle(!) Pretty intense, even in summer. But it’s lovely, and never crowded b/c you have to hike down a steep trail to get there. Thus you see local boys fishing. We do have shoreline access here in Kohala for swimming, but sand beaches are further south – but only by a half hour – not too bad 😉 xoxo

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  2. Ah, Bela…
    And home sounds like more than the beautiful place you describe…kind of like a connection of souls to the Divine energy of creation!! This was stunning and I so enjoyed reading it! Blessitude ❤

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    1. Lorrie, I can always count on you to point out the deep spiritual implications of my work. And it’s true, no matter what names a person might call such experiences. If the gods do not abide in such places, I know not where they exist.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this offering, Lorrie. And hope you’re feeling some relief from your Lymes these days. Blessings back to you! ❤

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      1. I just spent the evening with a cousin I did not know very well. It was so refreshing to hear her talk about being in nature and hearing God talk to her. It was very cool to get to know her a little better and to share our love of the miracle of nature. You always stimulate my heart center with your writing, Bela…ALWAYS 😊
        Have a super duper week!

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      2. Sounds like a lovely visit, Lorrie 🙂 I’m glad my writings touch your heart. It’s always from that place, no matter what I write. Love to you, and have a great rest of your week!

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  3. I may have to go to the city from time to time, but I’m always glad to be pulling back into my driveway.

    My wife is a New Yorker, for her the din of the city was commonplace and home. She often yearns to go back, I just don’t get it. I wonder, after all these years out in the country with me, how she would feel soon after returning to the city? One thing I do know is I wouldn’t be there long before I was desperate for trees, being out on the river, wildlife, and solitude.

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    1. Yes, obviously there are some for whom the city is home. And I’m grateful too, because otherwise, those of us who love the wilds would be elbowed out of these magical places. To be married to one who yearns for city life though would be tough, though being fine in solitude, I’d probably say hey, go without me – as often as you’d like – you’ll find me here when you’ve had your fill!
      Aloha Shell – thanks for contributing your voice ❤

  4. Written by a hand possessed of nails beneath which lies the earth itself. Scrub up as the hand’s owner might, it stays, there and within her very soul, in perpetuum., that wandering soul itself and at once the earth’s possessor and possessed. H ❤

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    1. Lovely, thank you Hariod. Right now a virtual mountain of macadamia nut husks await my dispersal but my body says (in Pidgin vernacular), ‘Try wait.’ Let that massage I got yesterday settle in a bit first 🙂

      Sending you bright blessings for a restful, restorative weekend! Aloha and love, B

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  5. Bela, this was beautifully expressed – I almost felt I was there with you on that ” … wet Sunday afternoon” where

    “quiet beckons
    with slender tendrils …coastline
    just down the road from our little town; …”

    I loved the sounds of the carefully chosen words – so lyrical! At one point, I felt there was something Hariod-ian about your writing. That’s a huge compliment btw!:)

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    1. Aloha, Marie: Well, I wouldn’t put me in the same league as Hariod, but thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and felt as though you were with me. In some parallel universe, I don’t doubt you are 🙂 Take good care, dear one, and enjoy your weekend! ❤

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      1. I really don’t think any of us are in the same league as Hariod – he is simply one of a kind. However you are an articulate and eloquent writer with such enthusiasm for life and you are very much in your own league. I hope you have a joyful weekend dear.❤

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