By: Bela Johnson

Jun 12 2017

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Camera:iPhone 5s

Whether sharing your body
or changing your views,
the blind mole of magic
is following you;

In the cubicle days
or the tropical nights,
what exists in the shadows
remains hidden from sight;

Clutching those hands filled
with fabric or fame as you place them
in pockets and tap out your name
like the hustling hordes that are docilely
bridled when you file alongside them
in that sideways sidle;

Somewhere inside lies the sweet
serene forest, a place that you visit
when your soul needs a deep rest;
the trees hanging brilliant
with garlands of fire, unaware
of all meaning, the insulting mire;

Along streaming bubbles
of illusory time dribble sonnets
and lyrics, the unending rhymes;
there are tunes and tonations
held secret by Masters, you can hear
if you listen while sifting
through ashes of self immolation
transformed, as it were,
by the humming of bees
and the flight paths of birds;

Without guile, you are stripped
of the need to be wise, to be teacher
or student is only a guise; in degrees
all are both in the mounding of ages,
no frenetic obsession to turn all
of the pages;

Thus, true knowledge is gained
while all secrets unfold into books
lacking stories before they are told,
never giving a care that what’s written
is gold.

32 comments on “Subterranean”

  1. Oh, I so love what you write!

    • Haha, I’m glad you like my writing, Paul. Somewhat obscure at times, requires a bit of thought and many don’t want to take that kind of time. Which is fine! Still, it’s lovely to hear it pleases you πŸ˜‰ xoxo

  2. I agree with Mr. Handover! I always read your words a few times, and often I think I can hear your voice reading them.

  3. Beautiful, I really appreciate your writing, it is a work of art, and I can feel the words – lovely!

  4. Superb, Bela. I spent decades being a seeker after truth before realising the seeker must die, and then, only after it did. I thought it was about accumulation, acquisition, becoming, absorbing into or being absorbed into, finding meaning, finding wisdom, self-realization, all that nonsense. Many paths are beautiful, nonetheless, and my own Buddhistic one was certainly that. The Buddha said, “There is a path, yet none who walk it, there is suffering, yet none who suffer, there is Nibbana (enlightenment), yet none who realize it.” H ❀

    • Aloha, dear H: Yes, ’tis true, die to the self many times and more than that, go willingly or be dragged. Being an observer, I see people every day in the hardest light of their own self rapture and I wonder how it is not obvious yet or at all; I wonder what collective illusions we have come to explore and I wonder about many things besides. I agree that many paths are beautiful and no doubt contain many bright shiny objects along the way to entrance, distract, and otherwise disappoint, in the end, before discovering what we sought was there all along and, like our new little 6 week old Blue Heeler/Aussie Shepherd pup, we plop back on our haunches in exasperation, only to rise again to get busy engaging with whatever. Life! Love! The pursuit of happiness! Gotta love it ❀

      (and ps: noted – i wrote this rather too quickly to allow days of revisiting and the benefit of fresh eyes. besides, with said pup, we're both seriously sleep deprived. mahalo for pointing it out xoxoxoxo)

  5. deeply profound yet full of earthy and tangible imagery = winning combo. this reminds me of what physicists mean when they talk about an elegant equation.

    • Aww, thanks, weaver. What a humbling compliment, especially coming from you – an elegant writer in your own right! I thought you might enjoy the ‘sideways sidle’ phrase and thought of you smiling when I wrote it. ❀

  6. Your stuff is always so deep, so beautiful. It always takes me mounds of readings, digging deep below the beautiful surface to mine the truths buried there. I love the nuggets of humility, of seeking, of rest, of beauty — the gold. My life has been enriched by reading your work.

    • Wow, your words make my heart sing – I am deeply grateful for your kindness and you taking the time to offer this lovely descriptive comment. That you take the time to read and absorb what I write is beyond meaningful. Many thanks! Aloha, Bela

      • My pleasure. I can appreciate the effort you put into your works. My writing also leans toward the complex, the cerebral, the florid, the… dare I say it… Dickensian-approaching-Micawberesque style of prose. Many don’t take the time to really settle into the flow or put forth the effort to seriously ponder on the sentence structures, the turns of phrase, the subtle double-meanings behind many of the word choices and references, the undergirding themes and analogies. But those that do tend to end up appreciating the lyricism and extended metaphors I like to use. It’s probably why I appreciate your writing so much… there is so much to glean from multiple ruminative readings, so many rewards for putting in just a little extra time and effort!

        Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to reading many more of your literary works of art.

      • James, I’m going to be sure and check your own writing out and soon – we just got a 6 week old puppy, so the little dude is taking up quite a bit of our time, getting things set for his comfort and our ease in integrating him into our lives. We take our dogs seriously – they are a major commitment.

        I’m working on paring back my Reader to just those I truly want to connect with, but/and it’s hard – so many good intentioned souls out there. Yet I truly love some good quality *writing* as well. – and it Is to be had on WP. Still, there are many bloggers who are not so keen on the crafting of a piece for its own sake – it’s more about the message. So one must be patient and wait.

        Writing for me is an art form, it Does take guts to say well, what the eff, I’m going to put it out there even if only three people ever like it – I’m not selling out for ‘likes’ or ‘follows.’ I don’t write to please others; writing itself is not my profession, but it’s always been Part of my profession to write. Still, being disingenous about creative topics and such is to deny that deeper voice/muse that ‘will out.’

        Many thanks once again for your kind and generous observations vis a vis my own work here in the blogosphere. It truly does mean a lot. Aloha.

  7. What a journey, and wonderful way you have of describing it Bela. Aloha πŸ™

  8. Oh how eloquent your use of words are Bela.. Truly a masterpiece.
    “Along streaming bubbles
    of illusory time dribble sonnets
    and lyrics, the unending rhymes;” πŸ™‚

    Understanding All knowledge that we seek is hidden within. It has always been there, accessible when one trusts to delve deeper into the depths of one’s own heart.
    Have you ever had that deep hum Bela, like a thousand Bees inside your mind, that transports you to immobility as we seemingly transport from one reality to the next.. πŸ™‚

    Beautiful to read Bela, I really must share something I wrote sort of in-between my painting and day dreaming mode a few weeks ago..
    Love and Blessings. And this post some how made up my mind to post it.. πŸ™‚ xx πŸ™‚

    • I will have to go check on your posts! It’s been a lightning busy time around here lately … trying to keep up. Thank you for your kind words about this piece, written somewhat quickly, as these things go.

      The hum you speak of is familiar in this way: in 1992, we lived in the high desert of New Mexico for a year of our lives; a transition from the islands back to New England. Our rental house was in the most exquisite beauty – across the Rio Grande gorge from Taos with an unbelievable expansive view of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. The biggest downside for me was that I heard this humming that would not stop, and eventually it began driving me a little bonkers. We have lived in some areas considered power points on this earth, so perhaps that was part of the phenomena:
      Interesting, no? Love and blessings right back at you! ❀

      • Wow just went to read this link Bela how interesting.. For me the Hum I felt was shifting in dimensional frequencies .. For years I heard it when falling asleep.. I would hear it in the distance like bees swarming.. coming louder into my consciousness.. I would then feel paralysed and unable to move anything other than my head.. I would fight it only through fear of the unknown.. and eventually break the spell of it.. I used to think it some sort of between wake and sleep state.
        I would experience this for several years on and off.. And one day I told my husband the symptoms..
        It was then he revealed to me he had also been experiencing the same phenomena. and when we compared them, We think we both had the experiences at the same sort of time..
        We left that home which gave us both some strange experiences πŸ™‚ over time.. of a psychic nature .. And after we moved neither of us had that humming or sensations of paralysis again.. So your description of of a power grid and perhaps some lay-lines made perfect sense, as that is exactly the conclusions we came too..
        I wonder if I had not fought it and gone with the flow of where I felt it wanted to take me, I wonder to what other experience it may have led.. So yes.. VERY interesting Bela.. πŸ™‚

      • Yes, interesting! I was wide open then as now – not paralyzed as you were by the experience – it was just annoying and just as you describe (bees) … saw some interdimensional beings in that geographical area as well – old Indian people in old traditional garb crossing the road – almost wrecked our little truck jamming on the brakes – lucky no one was behind me … I took this in response to my question, ‘But why can’t I see (stuff like that I had been seeing during client time) ALL the time?’ Yikes – those shields are down for a reason! Got to function in this reality most of the time … And on we go, eh? Walking the perimeters … 😚

      • Yes,like that ‘Walking the perimeters’ for that is what we are doing.. I feel as we move through this next shift in our Earth phase, those time-lines and dimensions will cross over more frequently and those who are sensitive to such things will be able to view them.. I know of one person who was in my group, he has now moved to Australia.. He has those experiences.. Seeing things not of this reality.. Its been better for him down under.. But he returned to London a couple of years ago and freaked his new Australian girl friend out by telling her what he was seeing. .. :-).. When we understand that past present and future is not linear but stacked like a deck of cards and can be accessed down through the deck.. not laying time lines out side by side. it makes more sense.. πŸ™‚

      • Exactly as I have perceived it, myself. Holograms. Simultaneous realities. Sliding doors. I like the deck of cards, as well. I work to stay grounded and watch who I speak with about such things. Aloha, Sue! πŸŒˆπŸ³πŸ’™

      • Yes, some soon shut the doors lol on us, when we do.. πŸ™‚ Aloha right back my friend xx

  9. What wonderful work you do Bela. Enjoyed this a great deal.

  10. Intriguing thoughts and images in this. I love how it flows – a happy mountain stream of wisdom.

    • There you go! Just as I wanted it to – flowing along like a stream, la-de-da, with some signposts along the way … Reminds me of my decades hiking Acadia National Forest trails in eastern Maine; forest scapes tattooed forever in memory. Glad you enjoyed it πŸ˜‰

      • Sounds lovely! Have you ever been to the Pacific Northwest? I think we might have similar forests. I always loved the fragrance of the forest floor thick with tree needles and undergrowth. Yes… tattooed in memories – I like that! 🌲 🌲 🌲

  11. As always you found your way to the unexpected and set if forth for others to share. Thank you!

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