Of Skies and Platters

The dawn cracks open, arthritic hand
of an Ancient One weary of living
yet unable to rest as day breaks
her fine china platter,
splatters the sky with wonder,
beauty of another day unfolding;

And we stutter and we gasp,
too quickly resuming the business
of living as we’ve come to know it,
yet behold!

Across the unfurling sky
wing two hawks tag teaming
thermals, soaring and pirouetting
on a stage of their own; look
upward angels, not down
just now, skirts of morning
are parting seductively
for your eyes only!


Pololu Sunrise, Bela Johnson 2016

43 thoughts on “Of Skies and Platters

  1. Beautiful poem Bela.. Your muse reminded me of two days ago in the heat of the evening a clear sky, and I saw a large bird of pray.. Could not tell if it were a buzzard or not, But it was too large for a sparrow hawk, circling the thermals.. Wishing you a Happy Solstice Bela.. Sending Hugs your way ❀ xx

    1. Thank you! And yes, if nature teaches us nothing else, there is always the promise of renewal – and she does it so beautifully, day after day! Sending you blessings on the Solstice. ❀

  2. And stutter and gasp we do at so many skies above us. What a beautiful sunrise shot. What a treat. They always come and go so quick…and always right place at the right time to see such a colourful and bold one. It’s amazing how skies and sunrises and sunsets keep us looking up and out – there’s a certain power in that they hold in us, and in a good way because often, nature is about showing off and sharing. Happy Solstice and today here in Australia we have the longest day of the year. Enjoy your sunshine 😊❀

    1. Mabel, Mahalo. First I want to soak up your writer’s voice. The way you express this sunset is in a way (that is) unique to you. Not sure which genre you wish to or do write in; I am sorry if I missed it somewhere along the line. Anyhow I like it, that voice. Thank you for utlizing it to express loving that sunrise as I did and do. Nature surely basks in the glow of that sort of praise. Wishing you every blessing on the Solstice! πŸ€—

    1. Sure, James, glad to provide the impetus and honored to be Mother Nature’s emissary in that regard! Any appreciation we can shower on her cannot help but have a positive effect. Cheers! And Happy Solstice! 🌴

      1. Yes, incredibly positive. She so willingly gives of herself from her parted skirts every holistic provision to enjoy if we will only take the time to look and partake: Beauty. Peace. Joy. Strength. Sustenance. Wisdom. Truth. Inspiration. Passion. Whatever we may need. She was my first literary experience, making a writer out of me by stoking my desriptive writing pen with the narrative “Soul Spring Magic”. To me she is the most climactic proof of the existence of a Divine Creator. I am filled with gratitude that you brought her to my chambers last night to once again give me multiple readings of intense pleasure. You are a blessing, in deed.

  3. Oh, I do this myself far too often, mind taking the magnificence of it all β€” nature β€” as if some mundane given: Now let’s just get on with what I need to do, kinda thing. A fabulous piece of work, dear Bela, and the alliteration in the first stanza is sublimely apt β€” ‘splatters’ being the perfect word choice, alliteration or no. Lots of love as always, Hariod. ❀

    1. Yes, I think it’s both strange and natural that we do. There have been times I’ve walked to the window to see the sun setting behind the neighbor’s enormous Norfolk Island pines, illuminating the sky with the most incredible hues, and not stood longer or gone outside to better observe it. Or even walked out into the most brilliant of brilliant star-lit nights and still been ‘too tired’ to pull up a chair and soak in the wonder, afraid I wouldn’t be able to ‘get back to sleep’ after (I do so love my sleep). We are so fortunate to have had this experience here on this amazing sphere. And yet one does become absorbed by the mundane, I think it’s a given. At least we’re mindful of same.

      Thanks as always for your kind praise – this was another ‘instant write’ on a Solstice morning when nothing ‘in the works’ quite fit for a post. I thought of your editor’s eye when I went in a few hours after posting to correct the re-use of an adjective – not enough time to read with fresh eyes ‘the next day’ … sigh. Trivialities. The day awaits! Love in buckets back to you, sweet one. πŸ’ž

  4. truly, a great offering! and i think its notable that the reader’s attention turns to those hawks who are also perhaps getting on with ‘mundane’ daily chores like stretching out those wing tendons in prep for the day’s hunt. from where we stand they seem to be participating in the glory, but they, too, are channeling it just as we observers are. All of us One under the rising Stage Light, inspired to continue performing the works that we deem necessary in our hero’s journey.
    and you wrote that on the fly?! amazing.

    1. I think it’s notable that you interpret this with such poetic grace – your gift for interpreting the Cosmos for those of us lucky enough to call ourselves your clients are vastly enriched by its lingering presence.

      What you say about all of us channeling Creation is so apt, too, and if we are lucky, we realize (become conscious of) the performance you refer to. And it is this that precipitates great joy in living, rather than feeling the weight of the various illusions that less aware souls fall under.

      I’ve often enjoyed praise for my words, but really, they simply flow Through me, and my educated brain tweaks double use of adjectives and sentence structure and so on. But the ideas and concepts tend to write themselves. And thus it is that yes, this one was written on the fly πŸ˜‰ Only when I’m too distracted to attend to the clear flow do I let my writing sit for a bit – going back to edit and refine the core message.
      Cheers, weaver, always appreciate hearing your voice, here and elsewhere! 😘

      1. awww, Thank You – like you, i really aim for Flow. and i am completely familiar with that moment when there can be a little kink in the line between reception of those ideas/concepts and transmission into language. one day, i hope to be as good at the conversion as you are. aloha, bella! πŸ™‚

  5. Nature is so seductive isn’t it Bela? And yet sometimes distracted, we are just not in the mood and fail to be aroused sufficiently by the sensual splendour of ‘skirts of morning … parting’ to reveal the beauty of it all. Such lovely words – you paint a wonderful picture.

    1. She is! And I’m as guilty as the next with distraction, though it’s usually in the garden(!) Still, we’ve always lived where beauty surrounds us. It’s food for the soul. Thanks for your kind words, Marie. ❀

      1. Absolutely Bela! We must try to be more childlike (and by that I mean, be more amazed and full of wonder and curiosity) where nature is concerned and not become too complacent about it – I too am guilty of this.
        On another point – your lovely message on ‘Life Sentence’ was sent to ‘trash’ by naughty WordPress, as was pointed out to me by Hariod some moments ago. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind sending it again even though you may have already observed that I have replied to it but your message is nowhere to be seen.
        Aloha dear Bela.❀

      2. Aloha, lovely – I have quickly gone into my admin/comments section and cannot locate this message. I’m about to leave for the day, so perhaps I’ll check again later, though unsure of where to locate it. At least you know I was thinking of you πŸ˜‰

      3. Oh don’t worry Bela. I still have the essence of what you said in my mind: ‘well crafted’ ‘So like life – in a nutshell’.
        Have a lovely restful evening and thanks for checking anyway.:)❀

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