Independence Day Reflections, 2017

The best intentioned among us can become discouraged at the apparent hijacking of governments by corporations and special interests of the financially privileged. Yet if vigilant, one can witness changes being made at grass roots levels, mostly because people are beginning to collectively awaken to the harsh realities of global warming and endless warring, and it’s about time. Uniting as One People is the promise of this Aquarian Age, and we can go willingly or be dragged, kicking and screaming. I suspect we are witnessing a bit of both, and this will only intensify with this thousand-year spin cycle.

I am looking forward to more independent actions on the part of citizens who value peace and sustainability over war and destruction on this precious planet. While I don’t harbor any illusions that we can reverse much of the damage done, I rejoice in any efforts to unite in a non-aggressive way to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. My hope is that it helps more people recognize unity across borders; that we begin to collectively value all life as sacred and that we as human beings continue to dissolve the Great Walls that separate us, one from another.

This is the my intention as the US rings in yet another Independence Day tomorrow. In peace and with Aloha, Bela





21 thoughts on “Independence Day Reflections, 2017

  1. Nice reflections Bela…hope, love and peace win in the end as these virtues thrive despite all the storms.
    I am reminded of the words of Abraham Lincoln… and I quote this timeless excerpt from ‘Abraham lincoln letter to his son’s teacher’…
    “but gently, if you can, Teach him that for every enemy, there is a friend. He will have to know that all men are not just, that all men are not true. But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero, that for every crooked politician, there is a dedicated leader.”….”Teach him to listen to every one, but teach him also to filter all that he hears on a screen of truth and take only the good that comes through….”Teach him to have sublime faith in himself, because then he will always have sublime faith in mankind, in God.”


    1. Balroop, this is a wonderful quote and one I had not heard. Thank you for sharing it! I think there’s something in it
      for everyone, perhaps especially for me because I can tend to get cynical in the face of so much political disrespect for diversity and what ‘should’ be basic human rights.

      Blessings to you, and Aloha. ❤

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  2. Well said! I couldn’t agree more, Bela. We’re going through one of those great cyclic transitions where the polarization becomes extreme and intense. By focusing on the good it will hopefully expand enough to create an evolutionary change in consciousness – on an individual level and eventually on a global level. Thanks for your hopeful message!

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    1. Thanks, Betty. I focus on my garden! That connection to nature keeps me sane. And we don’t have a tv hookup and have not for over a decade. I listen to our friend Neal Conan’s ‘Truth, Politics and Power’ (found on iTunes as a podcast and other sources). He was one of my favorite NPR news hosts for many years. Astute, nonpartisan, and important information. Aside from that, erm, the garden. Ha! And interior design. Creating beauty keeps me grounded in the cyclical nature of things.

      Thanks for your kind comment, and Aloha ❤

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      1. It’s the garden for me too, Bela! My spirit would starve without it. And inside are the house plants. Gets me through the winter. And trees. Gotta love the trees. They talk to me.

        Will Google Neal Conan… sounds interesting!

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    1. Yes, one either bonds to Mother Nature or, it appears, they do not. If we do, I can’t imagine not feeling as you do. My life is planting these days, and when not planting, it’s cutting back the profuse growth that occurs if unchecked here in Hawaii. Truly a gardener’s Paradise. Thanks for chiming in! 🙂

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  3. I sense that political awakening you speak of, over here in Europe, Bela, and sense it most acutely here in Britain (the parallel with your own country being between the Corbyn and Sanders movements). It’s driven by the young and their disenfranchisement from the boons (or are they simply rights?) of the baby-boomers, the war and post-war babies, my generation. The typical debt burden of a graduate following a 3-year degree course is now well over £50k. Higher education was free for my generation. That graduate then leaves university to no certain career, far from it, often having to earn a wage from the lower levels of the service industries, and with the attendant low wages. In propping up the private banks and failed financial system, the government has blown yet further the asset bubbles of housing and equities, so the debt-burdened graduate has little or no prospect of having their own home — I mean even raising the necessary huge deposit and securing a 40-year mortgage. Many have turned to The Labour Party here, under its current leadership which seeks to return it to a Socialist party and wrest it from the clutches of the neoliberal (and warring) so-called ‘centrists’ of the Blair era. This movement had meant Labour are now the largest political party in Europe. So yes, there is here that awakening you write of, and although the forces arrayed against it — amongst them the corporate media and wreckage of the welfare and providing state that the Thatcherism/Reaganomics neoliberal paradigm has bequeathed us — there is hope for fairness, peace and even the faint possibility we may yet save the environment. Goodness me, it will take much more though, including those ‘independent actions’ you write of: the willingness to peacefully protest, to work in local collectives with one’s neighbours, and at times, to disobey. The game is up, but can the people find it in them to rewrite the rule book so as to create a fairer, more peaceful world? It’s an open question, I think, but there’s hope, there’s a chance. H ❤

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    1. Hariod, you have quite a grasp of what is happening on both our shores. College debt is sinking my girls’ generation. One is finishing her Doctoral capstone and will be into it for over 350kUS, the other has her Masters and 150kUS. Both are healers in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs both studied extensively, which is a neat trick even in China). They are diligent workers, amazingly gifted people, and yet there you have it – shackled to the banks with this debt. I call it their generation’s mortgage without a house. Now take a MEDICAL doctor (oh, and the one with the biggest debt is licensed Primary Care physician in CA, her chosen state of residence – but she is not an “MD”), and Big Pharma pays the MD’s debt off if they work in an ‘underserved population’ for 2 years. No such luck for my girls. It’s criminal. Teach your patients how to best care for their bodies, help them with acu and herbs, receive them respectfully and share time and knowledge instead of 10 minutes, here’s some drugs, out the door – well, you see my frustration for them.

      There are so many dire problems currently – you and I have spoken of them – water, refugees (tied together in many cases), global warming along with often-cataclysmic weather events, corporate farms, toxic food – I DO know my generation rebelled against some of these same things in minutae compared to how things have escalated in current times. So it will yes, take a groundswell to rewrite said rulebook. But humans are a tenacious lot, and despite a bit of mental numbing from sheer overwhelm, it does seem there are pockets of pique out there, the Swarn Gills and his ilk that just might shake enough trees to catapult the masses into rebellion – peaceful or otherwise. I surely hope it’s the former and hope it can happen, though you and I might not see it in our lifetimes. Still, one can dream 😉
      Aloha, dear Hariod ❤ Thanks for your thoughtful response.

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  4. Change is on the horizon Bela.. This was a well written post, and yes, gradually I see it here too in the UK.. People are no longer sitting silently by.. And the old ways of governing are changing.. They have to.. For they are stuck within the old paradigms and taring any of these old school establishments down is not easy.. We will see chaos and confusion, along with the last attempts to cling onto their power..
    But People Power when used correctly is having a greater affect upon Mass consciousness… Even though they are spreading the Fear Factors more frequently..
    People are waking up.. all be it they are still as yet only stretching and yawning.. 🙂
    I always find we have certain leaders in various generations which spur and motivate us to change.. I feel as unpopular as Mr T is, he is motivating more and more to stand up ‘independently’ to speak their speak about what matters.. And So he may well act as a catalyst where by people say enough is enough.. And in unity, let us hope we make the right choices for the right kind of changes within our environment and societies..

    Love and Blessings to you Bela, and good to be catching up with you again.. ❤


    1. Only stretching and yawning, yes – though I do glimpse the occasional blips on the radar – hoping it is enough to turn the tide. Still uncertain as to what it’s going to take to reach critical mass, but might as well add my wishes to the energetic web in the cosmos.

      As for T, and you seem to have an aversion to speaking the devil’s name, as do I, my good young friend Kelly predicted his election, saying she had had a prescient dream. In that dream, she truly felt the message that it was going to be a Good thing. I just remember losing so much sleep and waking every morning after his victory, feeling deep, dark dread. I love this earth so much that I just do not want to see any more of nature laid to waste as a result of care-less humans, but there is little I can do to stem the tide but to maintain my connection with her and stand my own ground. The rest is up to the fates.

      Here’s hoping for the best possible outcome for humans who strive to attend and care for one another, for those who love the earth and all sentient creatures upon her. So glad to catch up with you as well! I’m headed out and to the Pacific Northwest to visit a dear old friend and my youngest, and to see the deep woods and waters of the high mountains. Rushing streams! Cooler weather! We’ve been baking in tropical heat this summer, but thank the goddess, we’ve also had our tradewinds. Still, I can’t help but look forward to being cool for a bit. Big hugs! ❤

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      1. Big hugs too Bela.. I think your friend may be right.. You see he is shaking things up.. rattling cages.. And those who have been behind the political game have had it their own way for so long.. Its rankling a few hornets in the nest.. so to speak.. As I look in from a complete novis into the workings of your politics.. Goodness knows we have enough to keep us on our toes with our lot at logger heads.. and Brexit thrown in.. Whether he will last his term is another matter.. But its causing a reaction.. People are now signing petitions over here to support Climate Change and to stop pollution.. By his upsetting the apple cart.. People are actually at last looking at the Apples.. 😉 Lets hope a few more start to pick them up and run with conservation of the environment..
        Enjoy the cool breezes and your daughter Bela and your dear friend.. We will keep plugging away.. And trusting that the Universe Knows best.. and I doubt it will let a few billion humans destroy the Earth.. 😉 She will survive one way or another way after we are extinct.. xxx ❤ Know all is well.. ❤

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      2. Honestly Sue, I think all ‘average citizens’ are novices in the political arena – there is so much cloak and dagger behind the scenes. We have a friend who moved to our community from the east coast – he was an NPR news host for many years – one of my favorites. He has a new podcast series called Truth, Politics and Power (Neal Conan) and his recent show on Gerrymandering is an eye opener, to say the LEAST. So I’m glad other countries are taking it upon themselves to advocate for the earth, as are individual states here. It’s so shocking this moron got voted in, but there was a huge segment of the population that could not abide Obama for reasons you and I both likely see all too clearly. So sad they knee-jerked quite that dramatically.

        Agreed with your assessment, and that Mother Earth knows how to survive with or without us. Love ❤

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    They soiled their linen
    Over several lifetimes
    Again and again
    Then woke up, soaked, washed and rinsed
    Now here comes the spin cycle


    Thanks for the seed, Bella. :).

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