By: Bela Johnson

Jul 12 2017

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Focal Length:14.089mm
Shutter:1/50 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

Who knows which of us first decided
to move on it, heed the call, answer
the pounding pulse in full presence
of the other;

The heart I hold tender yet firmly
in these cupped gardener’s hands
is revealed without guile,
a fistful of manna, food
for the gods overwatching;

We imagine, this passion play
of bodies too temporal and finite
as souls awaken from the drone
of not knowing, all experiments
performed well when young;

It is you, this is me, and we give
over to its shining pulsing rhythm,
merely as token of an everlasting
eternal love.

18 comments on “Everlasting”

  1. Passion and fond memories …. I love this kindling once more of fire in me. Aloha Bela 💕

  2. Saying so much within just few words is an exquisite quality, which only poets possess! Superbly penned Bela…so many emotions, subtle yet smoldering…rising above passion…giving…yes! that is truly eternal love! Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs.

    • Thanks so much, Balroop! I am warmed by your appreciation of this poem. It’s written with an eye toward the past and present regarding the depth of love experienced and how that grows and morphs over time. Aloha and blessings to you ❤

  3. Bela, this tender love poem is simply beautiful. 💕

  4. Beautiful.

    Ancient Biblical Greek had 4 different words for love to express different kinds. A nice linguistic tool to have as compared to our single word for love that can mean anything. The Greek words range from the love of a thing (storge), to the love for a friend (phileo), to the God-kind of love (agape). Their word for the romantic, physical love between a man and a woman was “eros”. A beautiful word for the beautiful and romantic physical attraction between lovers. Much better than the harsh and gutteral “pornography” that speaks only to the physical, loveless act itself. (From the Greek “pornographia” — the writing of harlots.)

    I love (storge) how subtly erotic this piece is, using such beautiful language and images to portray romantic love. I get so tired of the modern trend towards graphic description of an act that should be more about the unbridled spiritual expression of a love that aproaches agape rather than the physical element that is merely a part of it.

    With love (phileo), my WordPress friend, I thank you for yet another beautiful work.

    • James, what a beautiful description of this simple, elegant yet complex feeling, “… graphic description of an act that should be more about the unbridled spiritual expression of a love that aproaches agape rather than the physical element that is merely a part of it.” Perhaps it’s yet another way in which our language seems to fail us. If we possessed language that included the term agape in our collective consciousness then we would perhaps aspire to it, and now again language fails. Not everyone seems able or willing to accept and/or share their heart without restriction for whatever reason. Yet when one is able, it is boundless, infinite, and unites one with the cosmos, the essence of Being. It transcends time, appearances, and judgments as we move through the vicissitudes of life.
      Thanks so much for your contribution and appreciation. ❤

  5. Thank you; well put; I ageee; and thanks for the copy correction!

  6. Another fine piece, Bela.

  7. This is so…so beautiful, Bella 💜

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