By: Bela Johnson

Jul 29 2017

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/59 sec
Camera:iPhone 5s

Between the bars stretch conifers
as far as the eye can behold,
awaiting the damp silence
of morning, hollow bellow
of a moose’s call or the twitter
of chipmunks on a tireless errand
to provide for frigid months ahead,
always and perpetually in view;

To raise one’s head and gaze
upon an untrammeled road winding
alongside weathered split-rail fencing
invites the eye first to rest,
then the body to rise, provision,
set feet upon it to wander
where it might lead, grassy field
or boulder-encrusted hillside,
mind the mountain lions known
to wander these parts, unafraid;

How can one persist without silence
and space in which to contemplate,
regenerate; how can a body recover
from the onslaught of traffic
and crowds of vacationers elbowing
their way past elders and small ones
into queues neverending,
diffusing pomp and privilege
as though entitlement confers
keys to the Kingdom;

In the end we are all afraid, whether
of endings or accountability, misdeeds
or heedless destruction in the wake
of a life too quickly spent; better we
should settle, from time to time
into the spaces between words
and distractions to discover,
perhaps for the first time, a radiant
fecundity that nourishes the soul.

27 comments on “Retreat”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder –as I take a moment to settle between the spaces of these words before I leave for work in this hectic, quickly-spent life — to enjoy the Beauty of the Conifers and Oaks and Maples and Birches lining the highway when I set my tires to the road and wander down the asphalt path on my way to provision and provide, knowing that it will nourish my soul.

  2. Bela, your writing is always so beautiful, and the imagery in this piece is mesmerizing. I truly love this one!

  3. Love how this poem pays homage to nature and what’s around us, Bela. I definitely agree that silence is good for us and it baffles me that some feel restless in silence. Maybe it’s the introvert in me, but I feel recharged and rejuvenated when I have some quiet time just sitting down and looking around. Also agree a lot of us are afraid…because who knows what this world will bring and I suppose that’s why some of us like to stick routine. But we learn the most when we let go and let things be. Personally, I feel the keys of the Kingdom lie within us when we stop, slow down and be appreciative with what we’ve got around us and who we really are within – that’s satisfaction for you 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments Mabel, as always. Yes, the definition of introversion is needing to be recharged on one’s own. The definition of extraversion is to draw energy from others. Yet we all benefit from silence, the practice of quieting the mind to flow with the energies of the cosmos. After all, none of us leaves here alive, and I think silence is always a good preparation for transitions like the last one of death, though a lot of people don’t like to think about that 😉 Aloha 🌹

  4. ” . . . the damp silence of morning, hollow bellow of a moose’s call . . .” You make it very hard to “settle . . . into the spaces between words” when the words themselves are so alluring. Lots of love, dear Bela. H ❤

  5. Another fine writing, Bela.

  6. This was beautiful Bela, you found your slice of Peace, and you expressed it perfectly how we should take time out and to enjoy each moment away from the madding crowds of the hustle and bustle of the world..
    That view stunning.. Did you wake up to that view?? Wonderful xxx ❤

  7. Oh, yes, oh yes, oh yes! So much here. I want to carry this around and read it to whomever will listen.

  8. Yes we need the nourishment of the soul from time to time to address and minimize the assault of our rigorous daily lives. “…better we should settle, from time to time into the spaces between words and distractions to discover…” Beautiful this is, Bela.

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