Hola! Greeting unfamiliar to those growing up
in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains
within a state claimed from Mexico;

1950’s meant minds were on other things
besides obviating eminent domain; 
fallout facilities beneath pristine stucco dwellings,
bomb shelters in backyards of escapees
from Nazi prison camps, indentured now
to military spouses taking deliveries
from milk trucks and bakery vans,
progeny anticipating ice cream on wheels;

Pine trees crested azure skies up
and down our street, baby birds the victims
of neighborhood felines overreaching
like their human counterparts extended
into mortgaged tract homes, beginnings
of credit designed for large families raised
on white bread and tempers of men
so recently returned from war;

The gods bred me to clean air
and brilliant sunshine, mossy feel of grass
beneath privileged lily feet ranging freely
for miles in safe neighborhoods,
ivy springing from split cedar rails, pungent
sweetness contrasting with perils of home,
entitlement of owning one’s children
as repositories for lust and rage and confusion
interjected with knowledge and culture
of the sort meant to create comfort
in white ties and tails of the opera house.



19 thoughts on “Confused

  1. Ah, memory lane. I read that Hawaii has brought back the nuclear sirens of a bygone era that is no longer bygone. Thankfully there are many men and women, military and civilian, who, like myself, are working to keep America safe from rouge nations.

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    1. I wouldn’t be surprised about the sirens. They test emergency response/tsunami sirens every month, so we’re used to those. As for safety, thanks, Patrick. I appreciate it! 😀


    1. Well I’m glad YOU appreciate it, Hariod! 😉 I think it’s less cynical, per se, though I can definitely swing that way. It’s seeing under the radar and calling it out. It’s living in the stark truth of the illusions humans have put forth on this planet and loving life anyway. Speaking of random, have you read the Sixth Extinction? I’ve just bought it on audiobook.

      Cheers to you, dear one. And love ❤

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      1. Okay, well it was those last five lines that sent me down the trail of what I suspected was some (potential) cynicism, but maybe I’m projecting my own? Could well be so. But yes, ‘insight’ might be another term for it. Hahahahaha! And no, I’ve not read The Sixth Extinction — should I? H ❤

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      2. Well, maybe our definition varies. It was the truth – poetically stated, but in actuality it happened. The paradox of it all.

        As for The Sixth Extinction, it’s unfair of me to recommend something I’ve not yet read. Though I have read the reviews. I’ll let you know when I get to it 🙂 Always six books going at once, it seems.

        Aloha, sweetie. Enjoy your weekend! ❤

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    1. There sure were. I suspect there are a few for subsequent generations, though one hopes the masses have become more aware of things lurking in the darkest shadows of human consciousness. It doesn’t make these things go away, but it’s helpful they now have names and there are resources for victims. Aloha Betty, and thanks ❤

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  2. Reading this, I felt like I was reading and journeying back in time in a whole different era – one that I never knew existed. Amidst the hard times, it sounds like there was a lot to be behold and appreciated. ‘privileged lily feet’ I thought this phrase was very cute. Sounds like these feet could walk for hours, a long peaceful stroll and taking in what was all around you. Interesting to read your comment above that today they test the emergency sirens so often.


  3. Loved your trip back through time along memory lane Bela.. those uncertain years of Nuclear War, rations were still enforced here then..
    Give me leafy dales and snowy mountain tops and deep green forests any day.. And my mind clears in an instant.. 🙂
    Lovely to be back feeling refreshed by the Scottish Air.. 🙂 ❤ Love and Hugs

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    1. Oh, how wonderful – glad you had a great time! The wonderful thing about growing up where I did was that I lived in the foothills of grand mountains with greenery and trees and blue skies in abundance. A nice stream with eucalyptus growing alongside it I could walk to. It kept me sane in the midst of too much insanity. And now here we are, back to the insane place of a lunatic President provoking nuclear war. The more things change … Aloha, dear Sue. Sending you love ❤

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