After the Rain

As if there could be too much rain
in a water-parched world we head out,
two spotted canines jostling for space
in the Scion’s passenger seat chasing bright,
leaving gathering darkness behind;

Off the highway we turn downhill
toward a squall-rimmed sea, heavy mist
dispersing over adjacent desert landscape,
kiawe and natal grass greening
under amassing gloom as we knock the car’s
bouncing bottom on a rough path
and not for the first time; spilling out then,
tails swishing time to swaying seed perched
atop long sturdy stalks and they disappear
into it, diving deep below old rock roadbed,
popping up to spot us and if dogs don’t smile,
it was a good imitation;

Apace we head back, borrowing time from circumstance
as the sky brushes watercolors over the now-calm
Alenuihaha while the knobbly Kohala Mountains stand
rooted fast, decked out in their very best emerald velvet;

Then home we go, tongues lolling that good kind
of fatigue, to the best dark cacao squares
and sweet potato subji made this morning
as the two collapse onto a thick pile of rug
under our feet content, as it were,
with an evening well spent.

dog photo: Chris Johnson; landscapes: BJ


27 thoughts on “After the Rain

  1. Bela, how wonderful! It appears to Tubularsock from the photos that you live at the edge of the earth. Look out for that first step past the horizon. Tubularsock has heard that that bottom floor is pretty far down. Joy and a ho, ho. ho.

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    1. Indeed we do live in the edge of the earth as it tips into the ocean … and yes, I suspect I’ll know that step one day 😉 Joy and merriment to you as well, TS! Thanks for dropping by! 😀


    1. They did. It’s become a daily thing now. Today was the first time we encountered other people and other dogs, and they did really well 🙂 Thanks, Patrick – glad you enjoyed the pics!


  2. What luscious images, both words and photos. My favorite picture is the 5th one down where the sun is coming through the tangled branches of the trees. Ah, nature! Nourishment for the soul! Beautiful post, Bela. ❤️


    1. Thanks, Betty! Yes, I like that photo as well. I really need to get a proper filter for these shooting into the sun shots (the trees helped ground the shot, for sure) – I get halos and distortion, big-time, and Canon says it shouldn’t be done. But I can’t help myself. Actually my iPhone takes great shots into the sun, but doesn’t have that 30x zoom I like so much for the sunrises/sunsets. And so it goes …

      Aloha, dear one – enjoy your day! ❤

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      1. I know what you mean about cameras and sun shots. Sometimes I like the effect of those halos and light rays, but most times they’re not wanted. My phone’s zoom setting is useless. Plus I have no talent for photography. 😄 But I always enjoy other people’s efforts. Your pics look great to me! 😍


  3. Wow.. Now to have those views after the rain.. Just wonderful. and your dear four legged friends.. Just Wonderful to see 🙂
    Wishing you a continued beautiful week Bela xx I also love your new logo photo xx ❤ Hugs

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    1. Yes – the views *were* after the rains – the grass you see is green(!) It is brown most of the year – like scrub. We arrived just after a squall. This part of the island is the most windy, so weather comes and goes quickly at times. The soaking rains we had for a couple of weeks running may have been needed, but it was extreme. Everything was so soggy, including our bodies!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Sue – and thanks for the compliment 😉 I wanted to take a ‘red’ shot for the holidays, so just snapped it in the car on the way to the farmers market last weekend 😉 Cheerio, my friend. ❤

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  4. “tongues lolling that good kind of fatigue, to the best dark cacao squares
    and sweet potato subji made this morning as the two collapse onto a thick pile of rug under our feet content” – beautiful lines, mesmerizing pictures. You make these pictures do brilliant storytelling 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh, shall have to see if I can find Moser Roth for shits and giggles. I swear though, I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate to the point where if I can’t get the best, I don’t bother with it at all. And I wouldn’t eat Lindt or Green & Black unless I was desperate. Alter Eco is just superb. xoxoxoxoxo

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