Money’s not love
and it isn’t respect,
it sure isn’t friendship,
it doesn’t buy that;

So retreat if you must
in a world overmuch,
when content and timbre
appear out of touch;

Regroup and resist,
the temptation is grand,
hold onto your vision
all else out of hand;

Only you cut the deck
while there’s magic afoot;
in the creases and cracks,
all trees start with the root.

21 thoughts on “Progress

    1. Yes, I’d like to have a bit more as well – allows me to be much more creative when I do. But I don’t want to sell my soul for it. Which too many do, to the detriment of those who must come in contact with them. Sad, that. Because in the end, I’d sure like to believe I was truly loved for myself and not for the piddling amount of money I doled out to the slavering hounds at my feet. 😘


    1. Mahalo, Betty – bet you are (nodding). I’m not giving as much to writing these days as I have in the past – so much chaos here with projects and such – but do want to offer ‘something’ on wp. So I just hurl my thoughts onto virtual paper 😉 Thanks for appreciating that PDX photo which I had to mess with quite a bit as it was an old iphone shot. I lovelovelove Japanese Maples – though here they can only be grown at quite high elevations like 3000′ plus. Aloha, dear one. Enjoy your day! ❤

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      1. Japanese Maples are my favorite deciduous tree too! So many varieties these days. When we moved here a year ago, first thing we planted were three different kinds. Foliage is so beautiful! Interesting they can only be grown at high elevations there. Is it too humid?


  1. Just stopping by to wish you, Chris and the dogs a happy, peaceful and contented Christmas, dear Bela. Can I also thank you for the many intriguing, inspiring and beautifully crafted pieces of poetry and prose over the past year; you’ve maintained an exceptionally high standard in your work, one which very few in the blogosphere can match. With love and best wishes, Hariod. ❤

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    1. You are too kind, Hariod – many thanks for that. I’ve been thinking my offerings middling of late as I’ve just not had the time or focus to put into them. Still, I post 😉

      I would in turn offer you my very best wishes for some holiday cheer, along with a very blessed New Year. 2017 has spelled chaos here for us, too much work, but at least we can see an end to the overage this weekend. Daughters arrive next week, so that’s that, and time for some re-lax-ation! And we’ve got a lovely guest house to show for all that work-obsession.

      Love to you and yours, dear Hariod – you are a shining jewel in the crown. Hugs and kisses ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. I read your comment to Betty, so I know the score, even though I might argue with your assessment. 😉 Anyway, thank you for your kind regards and best wishes. Enjoy your time with your daughters. If I’d known you had a guest house I’d have told my brother about it, as he’s currently on the island with his partner. But no, he’s a bit reclusive, like me, and prefers the anonymity of hotels — his partner is also mildly sociophobic, bless her. Thanks Bela! ❤

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      2. Awww, well, they came to the right island, if the Big Island of Hawaii – the one with the live volcano – because many of us are just like your brother and his partner. We like privacy and seclusion – there are great expanses of open land here, unlike the other islands. So it’s easy to feel free from crowds and such. Wish I’d known they were here, I would love to connect. If not for the girls coming, I’d welcome them with open arms. A bit hectic right through the new year, then things ‘should’ slow down a bit. ❤

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  2. Ah, money. Have to agree with your sentiments that it can’t buy respect and friendship. While all of us need money to get by with our lives, it isn’t a means to an end in it’s entirety. You can’t buy your way through every situation. When I look back on friendships, I think of the places we’ve been, the conversations shared, the times when someone was there for me…that is all priceless coming out of kindness and time.

    ‘the temptation is grand’ This is such a loud line, loud in that it speaks the honest truth. There is always place to compete and better oneself, but sometimes this comes at the expense of stepping on others. That line reminds me of the times when me and my friends go out hiking together. Sometimes I want to walk ahead because I walk fast, but I choose to slow down to walk in-step with my friends – because walking with them makes the walk so much better, walk and talk 🙂

    I love how you have the words ‘deck’ and ‘magic’ in the last stanza. It reminds me of a magician and his tricks, lol. I guess nature and fate is just like that sometimes – all magical and what’s mean to be, will be.

    Wishing you a wonderful end of the year, Bela. Take care and enjoy every moment 🙂 ❤

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    1. Yes, I love your walking metaphor. I, too am a fast walker. But compromises must be made throughout life, if one is to develop any compassion whatsoever for those who are ‘different’ from oneself. Which all are, anyway – but I mean in this case culturally, economically, socially, generationally.

      I’m so glad you liked my magician cutting his deck of cards. Being a Gemini, it’s my totemic representation 🙂

      Be well, Mabel – I always love seeing a post of yours scrolling through my reader. I can be sure it’s worth the wait. Aloha, and Happy New Year! Just think – I can wish you that again in a couple of months! 😀


      1. I can get competitive at walking with myself, always wanting to go faster. Sometimes it is better to slow down 😉 So true we are all different from each other, and I reckon we have to recognise that before finding compassion.

        I am a Taurean, and love fine things that pass by my eye. Really like how you touched upon magic and illusion in that imagery 🙂

        You too be well, Bela. No new post from me until sometime in the middle of next month…if I’m up for it 😀 Happy New Year for the next few weeks…and in February there’s the Chinese New Year too 😀

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      2. Yes, I can relate to self-competition 😉 I have the planet Venus in Taurus, lending me a great love of beauty, texture, color, sensuality. I think we might share these traits.

        Yes, I’m finding I’m falling behind the curve on wp these days. Best to give it my best after the New Year. Happiest to you, dear Mabel. And yes, we’ll cover these good wishes again in February! 😀 Aloha ❤


      3. Hehe, seems like we share a love for the planets too – though I’ve just started reading into it all 😀 Hope you rest well this season and looking forward to reading more of your poetry soon 🙂

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  3. I am amazed at how many ideas and emotions are packed into this little poem Bela…from money to friends to temptations and visions with varied interpretations…for me it is the vision that matters as it molds our perspective, redirects our thoughts and makes us appreciate whatever we have though money would still lie at the root of all existence. 🙂 Wishing you a joyous end to this year and a wonderful time of festivities. Love and hugs.

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    1. Aloha Balroop, and thank you very much or your kind appraisal of this offering.

      I wish you abundant blessings in 2018 and may the remainder of December find you in a celebratory mood! We’ve been so rushed most of 2017, I’d just like to slow time down so I can savor what’s left of the holiday season! Love and hugs right back to you, dear one. ❤

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