My ego is not an animal
that needs feeding; the place
you can touch is my heart,
but please go gently
with due respect;

You need only possess
a genuine concern for the
inner person, fragile being
not unlike yourself,
fellow traveler through
this short burst in eternity;

You may keep your agendas,
image or projections; I am
overly weary of users
and artifice, have no need
for hungry ghosts
whose desires appear

I do not wish to increase
the volume of some larger
than life figure you wish
to impose on a world already
overfull with blowhards,
spotlight needers;

The circle is small
and can get smaller
without my determining
it so. There is work
to be done in loving.

If you deny your own
quaking heart, perhaps
this deserves attention.
There are many desirous
of the simplest gestures
of kindness;

Find these ones, seek
them everywhere you go.
Then perhaps we will have
much to mull over
when next we meet.

morning visitor
carrot juice


~ all photos © Bela Johnson

24 thoughts on “Fusion

  1. Lovely thoughts Bela! My sentiments.
    I wonder how people believe they can get away with artifice…do they think they are dealing with those who are too naive to see through the mask they wear to seek attention? Their body language is enough, words are not needed though they have no control over spilling them over! 🙂

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    1. Mahalo, Balroop. I’m surprised at how much role playing is out there, even amongst so-called ‘consciously aware’ people. I wonder sometimes if I’ve made myself a target because I give pretty freely – if I have and you need, it’s yours. And it’s funny too – those who Do need, do not usually ask. And those who have more than enough just seem to feel entitled to use whomever to their own ends in the name of ‘friendship’ or at least ‘kinship.’

      Humanity, it seems to me, is in a shake-down mode these days. And so I am cleaning house of hangers-on, the users with hidden agendas. There are real problems in the world requiring too many solutions. I must focus my energies on helping where I can, where it is most needed. Even if that means simply being silent in nature, affirming interspecies cooperation and sanity.

      Thanks again for contributing your own observations. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Betty. Have been pondering this one for a couple of years now. I hate to give up on people I’ve invested time and energy in, and yes, we all change and grow, hopefully. As we get clearer, it becomes obvious that some seem to regress, which is regrettable. But we don’t have to try and save them from themselves. They will reap the consequences of their own (mis)behavior in due course. And I’m always hoping for the best for all involved. Aloha, dear. 😘

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    1. Largely attainable as well, with some inevitable backsliding. I mean, the Intent to do no harm is absolutely attainable. Though harm itself can be subjective, depending. Be accountable and in tune with how one’s actions and words are perceived by others = doable. Generosity can be cultivated through an attitude of gratitude, I think. And on we go, do we not? 🙏 Hariod. Aloha ❤️

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