There are those who shun the wind, though I am not one of them. A desert dweller by birth, living in a subtropical environment has me gasping all too often for air, movement of energy, a yearning for fresh. 

Tonight we drove to the end of the road as is often the case after launching balls for Pili pup, stopping to gaze over boundless sea, daily troubles and strife sailing aloft on lilting thermals and out of minds too much with a tumultuous world, despite our remote location in the scheme of it. 

Driving out of the port town of Kawaihae alongside the ocean toward this northernmost region of Kohala, be observant and you might spy a small weatherbeaten hand-painted sign that reads, Aloha kamakani o’Kohala, Welcome, winds of Kohala! Blessed be our clean air and cooler, more temperate climate. This is a place to learn the value of what remains, once all else is swept away on currents of sea and sky. Taking nature’s lead, we loosen the detritus and learn to love the scoured sparsity of a life lived close to the bones of a vibrant landscape.

all photos ©Bela Johnson

21 thoughts on “Scoured

  1. Those some stunning views, Bela. Hawaii is so beautiful. Sounds like you are someone who rides with the wind. To be honest I’ve never been a fan of winds, and I guess that’s because I’ve always experienced the blustry-blow-you-away kind of winds. At least that’s what the wind here in Melbourne is like on windy days. Not usually here in the city we get to feel a breeze, and that’s something we feel more when we are out closer to nature. In your shots there is so much colour and life, and that’s how more of us should live: with colour and life, with energy and vigour with an open mind. Hope you get to do more of these drives 🙂

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    1. Aloha Mabel, and you are not far off the mark describing the sort of wind we can experience here on the north shore. I love that kind of kamakani as well. Though it is ever changing and not present all the time.

      I suspect Honolulu on the island of O’ahu does get the winds, but with all the development and high rises, it is felt far less. We are very much in nature here, as you say. And thankfully it’s not everyone’s cuppa, or we wouldn’t like it as much. ☺️

      Glad you enjoyed the views. Thanks for your comments always, Mabel. 😘


    1. And mega hugs back to you, sweetie. Glad you enjoyed the photos and the horse 😉 That sight you speak of is such a blessing, even though we also see the ripples under the current as well. Still, I would not have it any other way. ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Loved reading this and recalling the beautiful winds of Kohala. Scoured… yes, that’s a good description for life on the edge , entwined daily with the surprise of nature’s forces.

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