Casting Shadows

What do we do when the words won’t come,
when we stand, stock-still, mouths agape,
dazzled by beauty and wonder and awe,
minds taking snapshots as if we might
capture a moment in time, whatever that is,
perception being everything;

What happens to us when we become unmoored,
tethers fraying, lone boat rocking, gasping
for breath, biting back deductions, holding
reservations, staving off fears of flying
away, over and out, yearning once again
for connection;

How then to manage without language
to provide signposts, a barometer of how
we connect, soul to soul, dot by dot
along an imaginary line drawn cleanly
through this maze of illusions;

When will we arrive at knowing more fully,
if ever, reasons we were drawn into this vortex
called relationship, whether mother or lover,
friend or companion, like spokes on a wheel
turning onto spiral paths to infinity,
diminutive footprints scoring that well-trod
alleyway to nowhere and everything.

all images ©Bela Johnson

28 thoughts on “Casting Shadows

  1. Bela, I could feel each emotion expressed in these lines. Many times I too have been at a loss of words, which seem too less for capturing the beauty before me…just like some feelings are inexplicable! Second paragraph describes that desperation in a fantastic manner…I don’t think we would ever “arrive at knowing fully” and when we don’t know how to understand, can we expostulate it?
    The first picture is a masterpiece…so many hues of humanity and nature shine through it. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Profound thanks for your feedback, Balroop. Thanks for apprehending the depth of this little ditty. glad you enjoyed the photograph as well. The nuances are definitely there. Blessings 🙏❤️


  2. My mouth is often agape Bela, as I take in the beauty of what surrounds us. Be it Sunsets, Waves, or tiny winged insects, each a miracle, each here in this moment, given life on Planet Earth.
    And yet I am finding myself more untethered, waiting for the right breeze to come blow me to some far distance place which I know I have always carried with me as my shadow of lost memory..
    Great photos dear Bela.. Sending LOVE my friend and stay Blessed ❤

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    1. Sometimes I think it is this extraordinary wonder that we signed up for. Not the wretched confusion of human drama that obscures the beauty that we so easily note with appreciative eyes. And no wonder we become untethered. We do what we can to help, meanwhile soak up as much wonder as we can without our hearts utterly breaking from the desecration. Big love back atcha, dear Sue! Blessings lie amidst it all, such is the paradox of life on Planet Earth. 💕❤️♨️😘

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      1. Wow. We continue with almost daily rains. It’s been a wet, wet year! Areas of the gardens are a bit boggy. But still I say I won’t complain, as so many Are dry. Here’s hoping you get an extension on the showers! I never thought any part of the British Isles could be dry, of all things! ❤️

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      2. Yes we have had moorland fires, and reservoirs drying up, We had rain constant for 48 hours and more for today.. We have not had such a dry hot spell since the 70’s. and new record highs of temps too..
        The weather it appears is changing in many areas of the world.. All of the Signs of what is occurring. Hope yours soon settles. Wishing you a happy week ❤

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  3. Feeling and art, the two combined as one experience, can take us deeper into understanding should words fail, do you not think it so, Bela? Though this demands we all become artists of some kind, naturally. Perhaps evolution will give rise to a species of artists which has no great need for language, or for which verbalisation becomes only a secondary means of communication, reversing the typical humanoid structure of language over art? Maybe some new species will convey meaning in colours, by themselves creating at will changing displays of colour on their bodily surfaces, or through articulating polyphonic sounds in the way that our species is unable to physiologically? I once dreamt of heavenly sounds, of singing devas/angels, and it was the most beautiful music I’d ever heard, so it seemed, full of meaning no words could ever articulate. Words are so often inadequate, even in the best of hands. H ❤

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    1. Hariod, you bring up a tender point at this time of my life. I’ve always been a wordsmith; all my life words have been a salvation of sorts. Now writing very much seems beside the point, counseling others the same. These may be essential tools for some as they were for me, but now all I want to do is to live, to ramble and breathe and photograph some of what I see, the devic energies in nature. To create stained glass art from those inspirations. The light that filters through colored glass is captivating. Always has been. Yet still I write. 🙃

      I, too have heard the music of the realms, though it has been many years, and not something one can simply hear on demand. I think I haven’t heard it again because it was so exquisitely beautiful that I wept unceasingly and longed bitterly for this true home, a place so pure and devoid of all I considered then and now repulsive in the human species. Even that which can reside within my own human self.

      Which brings me back to the strange necessity for words in relationships with others, even Chris with whom words are utterly unnecessary. Which led me to writing this offering.

      So glad to hear from you, dear one, never fully removed from my consciousness. Sending love and blessings your way. 💕

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      1. Your words regarding the redundancy of words between yourself and Chris reminded me of this video. It is Yvonne Loriod playing the piano in the sole presence of her husband the great composer Olivier Messiaen. Observe their interaction at the end. H ❤

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  4. Hi Bela, I’m looking for new poetry, new photos to inspire. Your boat picture, in particular, is captivating in that Realist-style painting way. I used to wordpress some of my poetry back in 2010. How the world seems to have changed since then. Everyone is a poet nowadays it seems. How does God ever tell us apart? Lovely poem.

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    1. Yes, things have changed. But as humanity is co-evolving, all I can do is to make my own creative contribution. I have written poetry all my life, and this blog is but a small sampling. I don’t make any claims, let people enjoy what they can. I also take lots of photographs, and am finally sharing them in batches, in my more recent posts.

      I have been blessed to discover a handful of good writers here on WordPress. But it’s been challenging to find more. Lots to wade through!

      Thanks for weighing in, glad you enjoyed your visit. Aloha. 🙏🏽🌺🌴


      1. Finding writing I enjoy is obviously not as easy as I imagined. I’m glad you are sharing yours. Thank you for your thoughtful response.

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