When the world is weary of mediocrity
and the doors are flung wide open
to admit the least of us is also worthy,
neither better nor worse but as crucial
to the whole as any other life form;

When we finally attain some sort
of collective maturity, a steady hand
on the wheel of samsara can navigate
through the narrowest channels
of perception into a brilliantly clear
vision with limitless horizons.

all photosΒ Β©Bela Johnson

28 thoughts on “Arcady

    1. Pray we live to see it. We are part of this wise old earth, and She is such a force to be reckoned with. Critical Mass might not happen in the way we would expect with our current knowledge/awareness, but it will happen, nonetheless. Meanwhile I take photos and await the building of my stained glass studio! 😘

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      1. That’s all there is to say, really. Chris just has to find the time in his schedule. Which is busy, but not impossible. It will be soon, certainly within this year. We’ve got the concrete footings done, so it’s the tear down and framing that’s gonna take about a week of his focused time. and since I’m leaving for the Pac Northwest in a couple of weeks, I think we’re going to wait till I get back. πŸ€—πŸ˜˜


      2. I didn’t know you were into stained glass, Bela (or maybe I just forgot). Will look forward to seeing some of your work!
        Hope you have a good visit here in the Pacific Northwest. Someday on one of your trips out here perhaps we can get our schedules to mesh and meet – if you should head down in our direction. πŸ€—β€οΈ

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      3. Betty, I probably never said. I’m into so many things creative! And try to focus on writing and images on WordPress.

        I would love it if we could get together one of these times. I’m landing in Seattle again, heading up into Canada and over to see my daughter in Eastern Washington again. But one of these times, it might be Portland πŸ˜‰ and for sure will let you know! 😘


  1. Beautiful images dear Bela, Will that day arrive, ‘Collective Maturity?’ I hope so, I know there are many whose voices are never heard, who hold the light, But then there are many more I see daily who are so asleep as they believe all they hear and see..
    But we keep on keeping on.. And I give thanks for the journey I have travelled and I am focusing more inwardly these days… And hope others may read between the lines I write.. To write what I think I know, well, would they believe? I doubt it.. But the next few years will rattle many more to Question I think.. I wonder if they have the courage to seek the answers?

    Love and light dear friend.. Enjoy your creative time.. Love and Blessings ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. Yes, wasting less time myself on expectations of All coming into some sort of accord. Too much egoic will, with far too many in thrall, on their own insane trajectory. And they are in for some whirlwinds, I tell you. Mother Earth is doing her part. The collective wisdom of which I speak possesses its own momentum within its own holographic template. Critical mass, collective maturity, will gain its own ground, I just am not privvy to any timelines. Meanwhile all I can do is to stay rooted in nature, stay mindful and continue my inner journey, while witnessing the beauty that exists in my own creation and memories of a purified reality, if that makes sense. Words just do not do these concepts justice, but there you are. Nice to be coming up for air. That last cycling was a doozie. Sending you heartfelt love. πŸ’—πŸŒˆπŸ˜˜

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      1. i think we might not also be able to imagine its shape and features…

        such poignant words and i was able to ‘template’ them on to every image. a visit here is always a ‘space apart’. thank you so much.

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      2. Yes Bela all of that Makes perfect sense to me… Time lines if we knew them, what would we do? with them.. For all meant to BE… Just keep doing what we Keep doing.. as we enjoy Nature, Creation and strip ourselves back to what we were always meant to BE…
        And we will add our little insights every now and again.. Those who are waking up will catch them, if they are meant to..
        Love and Blessings back dear heart sister.. ❀

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  2. I don’t have a view on this (although I may once I think about it), but allow me to ask you, Bela, if you will: Would it matter to you now if humankind were to become extinct at some future point?


    1. Hariod, this is not so easy to answer. I would have to claim perspective from the viewpoint of the Isle of Priests (Glastonbury) and the now-shrouded Isle of the Goddess (Avalon). It really, for me, comes down to this. The sacred ways were interrupted (mild expression, I know) when Christianity’s One God came into vogue. The Church and its Patriarchal dogma dominated to the exclusion of all else. The umbilicus to the Mother was all but severed. And since that time, whenever history may mark it down, we have become a very different race of beings. Just in the past 100 years, things have accelerated to a degree unconceived of. And now, what have we collectively created? It is wholly unsustainable, especially with our burgeoning numbers. Now, I’m not saying this is somehow Wrong – all this time, each spirit incarnate has exercised his or her will to bring the present into being. This is Creation evolving. However, I do think we are at the end of an Age, here on earth. Does this mean the extinction of humanity as a species? Perhaps. Does this tear me apart, terrify me, make me sad, remorseful … no. I accept it all taking whatever course it collectively steers itself upon. And now you notice I have dropped the ‘we.’

      I don’t conceive of myself as better or worse than anybody else, let’s make that clear at the beginning. Different, perhaps. But not Better because of it. Since the election of our current President, my wisdom self has tapped me more firmly on the shoulder until I could no longer ignore it. (In favor of what, we both may well ask.) Transformations like I had not experienced since the ’80’s began taking their toll. I began slipping into illusions of hopelessness, disgust and righteous indignation, losing my center. And as I realized this, I began receiving more insights leading me to my current state of mind.

      So back to Avalon, lost in the mists of time. And yet there it is, just a hologram away. A sliver of perception that will (reemerge? reappear?) turn almost imperceptably like a mirror’s reflected light off the brilliance of the day. A shift. When critical mass is reached, and I am not privvy to what that is, it will be set in motion. And so what I am inclined to do right now is not to fret about others’ choices, but to continue templating my own existence, here, now, on as many levels as I can manage. Being mindful. Being present. Paying attention to dreams, images, yes. But most importantly, loving this earth as I have always done. Recognizing and recording her beauty. And I wait without waiting. I live. And accept what comes. Hope this answers your question a bit better. Aloha, sweet one. ❀️

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      1. Goodness, what an incredibly beautiful reply to my rather prosaic question! Thank you, Bela; I bow to the luminosity of your wisdom, from here, as I wander aimlessly amidst my neglected apple orchard beneath Avalon’s mist-shrouded tor, and as a woodpecker disappears into a bole, the mistletoe limb-clung above swaying in a clement breeze. With love and gratitude, as always. Hariod ❀

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  3. Profound words, Breathtaking pictures Bela, all different moods of sun, here to stay forever! Even if everything perishes, this beauty would be passed on to whosoever takes over. The horizons keep expanding with every age, perspectives rarely match.

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