Why be stingy with praise
when all of life exists as streams
of unfurling miracles, pausing
in miniscule moments only to accept
our wonderment and blessings?

all photos ©Bela Johnson

22 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. That first line does make you wonder, why be stingy with praise indeed. So many of us in this world are insistent on jostling ahead over the other that we forget about how important each of us are – and we are all so much stronger when we come together. Minuscule moments are so fleeting and often we don’t realise we’ve had them until they are gone. Amazing photos of Hawaii around you, Bela. Looks like a lot of sunshine and warm days, which means a lot more time outdoors. Take care 🙂

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    1. Always outside here, Mabel, year-round!

      I love your thoughts about praise and people. My praise was intended for nature in this post, but really, as we are not at all separate from nature, it applies across the board. I don’t dole out compliments to massage someone’s ego, but I am quick to praise kind and helpful behavior. Also others’ creativity! For when we share what is essential to ourselves, we glorify creation, in my humble opinion. And mother nature? She just is in her glory all of the time! Whether creative or destructive, her acts are always necessary.

      Aloha, dear Mabel, and as always, thanks so much for your thoughtful comments! Always insightful! 😍🤗😘🌈🏄🏼‍♂️🌴


      1. Nature is people and people are nature. All of us are in one ecosystem together 😊 Compliments can be an ego booster and some of us might be over our heads with them…but those of us who are grounded will more likely be humble and think about others and being a team as part of the bigger picture. Nature is indeed creative and destructive, and both go together. Thanks for writing, Bela 😘🌴

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