After the Storm

So much to contemplate, days
without distraction save the pattering
and drumming of rain and more rain
upon metal roof, wind in absentia
selling short the hurricane;

Time alone in a storm differs
from time alone by intent, the former
leaving one feeling trapped and dodgy,
removing liberty from the equation,
stifling as the heavy wet atmosphere,
leaving one to wonder at illusions,
fascinations, human dramas
of desire and repulsion;

If granted all wishes, a day would
become simply a day, choices not
near equal to the gifts of Creation;
for a time we might languish then
grow fidgety, longing for something
other, even this water seeping
from heavy skies;

If we could fabricate weather, who
or what then to blame when yet new
circumstances beyond our control
creep up to tap us on the shoulder,
prompting questions to the lips,
spinning us round and round
until, exhausted, we finally lean
into surrender?

Social media capture of the highway that intersects our street.
Hapuna Beach as I have never seen it and as few have – no people, just a crescent of white sand.
Body surfers outside Kamana Kitchen cafe in Kona town.
Kohala Mountain Rd. heading toward Mauna Loa volcano and Waimea town.
Mahukona Park lonely tree, so called.
Sunset shot taken from Kapaa Park trail.

~All photos save the first,Β Β©Bela Johnson

31 thoughts on “After the Storm

    1. We did, in a manner of speaking πŸ˜‰ It is still so very wet. Even this morning we had blue sky and I headed out for a bike ride and it rained for most of the 8 miles,, off and on. ‘Tis been a very wet year. But we were lucky. The Hilo side of the island got record rainfall, well actually we all got record rainfall, but Hilo really got slammed with flooding. And so on we go, do we not? What else to do than make the most of it, regardless of where we are placed on this beautiful planet? thanks for thinking of me, you’re very sweet. Aloha, Eliza. Enjoy the impending fall. Always my favorite time of year and New England.😘

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    1. Thanks so much sweetie, for your concern as well as your photographic compliments. πŸ˜‰ Yes, surrender! I think of the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz writing β€˜Surrender Dorothy’ in the sky! Always an important life lesson, I do believe. And sweet blessings right back atcha, Lorrie! Hope you are enjoying the day! 🌷πŸ’₯❀️


      1. Hahahaha!! I just happened to play the wicked witch of the West in our school production back when!! 😁
        You have given me a visual I will continue to think about!
        Glad the hurricane was not worse, Bela.

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  1. Bela, Your pictures are beautiful! I like the skies that are emphasized in most of the pictures. I’m glad to hear you didn’t get a direct hit from the hurricane. A week of rain is something that I can relate to causing feelings of confinement and melancholy. I also enjoy a long bicycle ride when the weather permits. There’s an 11 mile loop around Penobscot and Sargent Mountains that I enjoy on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing pictures and experiences from your corner of the world. Oddly I had a dream within the last week that you opted to spend a winter back here in Maine! I woke up thinking, no way!

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    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for emailing your biking loop. Those trails are so amazing, I have cycled them before leaving the state. Was going down to MDI almost every day.

      As to winter and Maine, um, let me think about that … nope! Winters here mean cooler temps, humpbacks, amazing sunsets all their own. And big waves to swim in and watch the πŸ„ too.

      Glad to hear from you, and hoping all is well in your world! πŸ’—πŸŒˆπŸ’₯


  2. Nice to hear from you Bela, I have been waiting for your update. You are so right…we have to surrender to freak weather, hoping all would go well. Lovely pics, my favorite is the rare one… deep blue streaks seeing through grey sky. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Mahalo, Shell. Appreciate it. And yes, it’s hurricane season, but wow. I hope it passes us by relatively unscathed. The east and southeast portions of this island have seen more than their share this year! Volcano, then hurricane flooding and such. But you know as well as I, it will be what it will be, especially in these times of climate change. Aloha, and be well. 🌈🌺❀️


  3. Great to see all is well, or rather you’re well enough considering the mayhem the storm has caused. Incredible at just how beautiful the place you live is regardless of nature’s wild ways. Lovely words as always.

    – Esme sending love from upon the Cloud ❀

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    1. Thanks so much, dearie. We are well enough and the storm is all but history, save for the barricading in the gulch. Still unstable cliff faces. Road crews worked round the clock clearing debris from the roads. Quite a mess, and grateful we didn’t get the full-on hurricane. We usually don’t on this island – big mountains push such systems out to sea, though this was a close call.

      All will doubtless feel the effects of climate change, and this jibes with predictions that the South Pacific will experience more rains, more storms. Still, we have no impetus to leave this Paradise at present anyhow. Who can say what the future will bring?

      Great hearing from you, and hoping all is well in your world! πŸ’—πŸ’•β€οΈ


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