Clear Vision

I saw her today, glimpsed her like a new creature
shining and bright, free of the heavy cloak of denotation,
bronze I have cast her in despite myself, all these years
of believing she could in any way be known;

Inside my own skin I remain a mystery, unfolding
like the lotus flower, each new leaf and bud tender
and unfurling, tainted only through these selfsame
definitions, assumptions; we all do this in the dance
of discovery, alone or in tandem;

And I really wonder at the fabric of existence, itself,
a morphing, unified body with attributes thought to be
self and self, unique only insofar as they escape demarcation,
for once named, limitations are imposed and wrapped,
neat little packages, box steps imposed on modern dance,
monotones seeping into a technicolor palette;

What if we could begin again and again, mindful
of past assumptions, apprehend the self and others, eyes
unshuttered, clearly seeing and without bias what lies
before or within us, without guile?

photo Β©Bela Johnson

20 thoughts on “Clear Vision

  1. Amazing poem Bela. Your thoughts wander from the pure beginnings and through becoming aware.
    Limitations are imposed, wrapped in neat little packages …. until you reach hope and clarity in the last stanza.


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    1. Aloha, Miriam. Too kind. I have been pondering thoughts penned in this poem for some time now. Thought of writing a prose piece, but it would have been a spin down the rabbit hole, for sure. There’s just so much to ponder on this subject that I am happy it came across in so few words! Many thanks for that affirmation. ❀️


    1. Aloha, Betty – and yes. I was once given a vision of how the universe is wired, and fractals sure makes sense, in light of that knowledge hidden deep in the recesses of memory. I thought of The Matrix, actually – a neverending scroll of symbols and figures. And I understood it, too – at the time. So strange, these glimpses into ‘the unknown.’ I am certain Einstein, among doubtless others over time, was well tapped in. So I am delighted you ‘grokked’ it that way. (We really must meet one day before too long! 🀩) Be at peace. ❀

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      1. Bela, sorry I haven’t replied to your reply yet. (I’ve been off WP for a spell…) Anyway, interesting topic, bringing in The Matrix, and Einstein. These glimpses we get are ineffable, so it helps to have analogies to express them – though even they don’t come close. There are so many realms within realms within realms – endlessly, and exciting to think about.

        Looking forward to the day we actually meet!
        Hope you’ve had a good Thanksgiving weekend. β€οΈπŸŒΊπŸ’ž

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      2. Oh, totally understand. I’ve even considered dropping wp from my ‘obligations’ lately, but I do love my little wp community. Yet I find I’ve just got to take a break from the computer/iPhone once in awhile or I’ll go mad.

        Yes, The Matrix and Einstein! And no, nothing comes close ‘enough’ to describe the multiple, multilayered, muliti-dimensional aspects of Creation. Which is continually evolving anyhow! Endless is a great way to express it.

        Aloha, dear one – have a great week! Thanksgiving itself was underwhelming; kids are gone, no motivation to cook for the community. But we did prepare a wonderful meal on Saturday and Sunday went for a submarine ride in Kona Bay. And out for Nepalese food πŸ˜‰ So all in all, we made the most of it! Hope you had a restful and nourishing weekend! ❀ ❀ ❀

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      3. Sounds like a lovely time (wow, submarine ride! Did you take pics?)

        I agree about needing a break from these computer and phone screens, yet like you I do enjoy our WP community. Just plugging along though, trying to keep up a little. ☺️

        Hope you’re having a good week, my friend! πŸ’žπŸ’“

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      4. Yes! The submarine was fun, but you know, since the last time we went probably 4-5 years ago, there has been so much coral bleaching, far fewer fish and varieties. It was really noticeable. The only creature of note was a white-tipped reef shark sleeping by an old shipwreck on the ocean floor, 100′ down. And yes, I took her picture πŸ˜‰

        Yes to breaks from technology! It’s part of why I’m having so much fun taking photographs – gets me out and about rather than on this laptop writing – though I still do a fair amount of that πŸ˜‰

        Have a peaceful day, Betty! Aloha ❀

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  2. This was just beautiful to read on my return here Bela.. Indeed unfolding like a lotus flower, I have been doing a little of my own morphing recently as I retreated back into my meditations once again.. I loved your lines, “limitations are imposed and wrapped, neat little packages, box steps imposed on modern dance,” So true, labels and boxes …

    Hope you got my email on sent it on the 9th.. Wishing you well Bela… Much love.. ❀

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    1. Glad we got the email debacle settled. Also found another WP communique shuffled into Spam. Hmmm … Shall have to check that file, now and again. I often just go in and ‘delete all.’ Won’t do that next time before checking!

      Yes, I feel like if I’m constantly shifting and growing, how on earth can I ever be certain of ‘who I am’ – and certainly, certainly it doesn’t put me in a position to label others. Yet I do, we all do, consciously and otherwise. Just another exercise in discovering through mindfulness.

      Thanks so much for reading, comprehending and commenting, dear one. Much appreciated, always. These meanderings aren’t the ten-second soundbites many are used to on social media. So I appreciate those of you who actually take the time to apprehend meaning. Since I do this as well, I am far behind on my reading. Trying to catch up now!

      Peace, my friend. ❀

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      1. Which is why I am on my second day of catch ups with my comments as I visit others blogs and read… πŸ™‚ lol… Sending LOVE right back at you… Interesting about Labels. I speak alot about labels in a forthcoming post scheduled for the 26th.. πŸ™‚ Big hugs my friend ❀ Take care…

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      2. Yes, interesting! It’s one of those synchronicities that still happens a lot. Revelations coming through several people in different formats, languages, throughout the world. Common topics cropping up all of a sudden. Aloha ❀

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