In self created confinement I dwell, waves
of consciousness crashing onto undisclosed
shorelines, thundering hooves of phantom horses
approaching through the sands of time;

Some might shudder at these contemplative
spaces, interstices of time before necessary
activities seep in to deplete inner resources,
yet how else to manage my own reserves?

It has ever been thus, on this shore
or that, in woods, blended into desert sage,
on this island paradise many yearn for,
and I wonder at life, at the marking of time,
random wandering through dreamscapes
of beauty, illusion teased into being;

Some call it journey, for how else to wrap
and ponder this packaged tour, fractal
in eternity, a never-ending celebration
of sense and sight and touch, carnality
and wits, the wonderment and awe;

And what is temptation if not diversion,
exorcising the terror of un-being, a race
to the finish, dip in the gold-leafed glory
of being alive, alight with threaded hues,
fabric of existence, cover for sorrow
at the temporality we share, and how
to eke out more, squeeze meaning
from the mundane; debts and obligations,
distractions and decisions, the weight
of knowing it will all be plowed asunder
and always too soon, too soon;

I sit with it daily, the quaking subsided,
ride it out in strong limbs while pedaling,
walk in companionship with creation, eyes
wide-open in wonder, capturing with my lens
what might otherwise be missed.

All photos ©2018 Bela Johnson

18 thoughts on “Journey

  1. And yet in your ‘self-created confinement’, you know beyond doubt that ultimately there is no confinement, there is no edge or border within which to confine a thing, a Bela-thing, that might be subject to this imagined, though quite beautifully expressed, confinement, don’t you, dear Bela-thing? 😉 H ❤

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    1. Exactly, Hariod. Appreciate you pointing this out. What I choose to do – how I live my life – is what I need to do, these days. It has nothing to do with any perceived sense of confinement. I feel more free now than ever before in my life. Big love to you, dear man. Long time, no hear from! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. This ‘Journey’ is sometimes surreal isn’t it Bela.. We who See beyond all that is… who sense deep within and know this beautiful world’s fate.. I have always loved that word ‘Fractal’ we are many facets..
    I wonder how many times we have repeated this same journey, each time thinking perhaps this time we may get it right.
    Natures beauty is breath taking Bela… All too soon the treasures of Autumn are gone, we no longer see the Gold, just the white of snow.. and the dull grey of clouds, depressing in on us in the cold light of day.

    I am always thankful, for this journey though Bela… To use these senses and to breathe deeply and share in what once was Eden’s beautiful Garden.. Yet Mankind came along as a species with destruction as the end product of his greed for Gold of a different kind..

    Your poem was beautiful Bela.. Time this week has flown .. While I have been busy again creating,
    Sending much love to you dear Spirit-Sister…
    Speak very soon.. ❤

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    1. Grateful for the journey as well, Sue. And greed has seemingly swamped the world these days. I don’t know that it existed in prehistory, but these things lie dormant as archetypes in the human psyche. Who knows what yet lurks there, awaiting discovery? Perhaps we may yet find redemption. But my own guidance has conscious ones shifting templates. Which is for another discussion 😉

      Have a wondrous week, my friend. The week, month and year have flown by, indeed. And I, too have been creating all week. We’ve had rain and more rain and all year rain, yet a short drive down the coast finds a dry landscape, parched for need of it. Big hugs and we do carry on! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Indeed the time has flown… Misty cold and wet here too.. Extremes in weather all around..
        I will try and send a reply to your last email this week..I have lots to say, yet at the moment just want to steer clear of the computer as I feel even more drained when on it.. So I am limiting myself with modem turned off.. The high pitch squeal in my ears is raw on my nerves…
        Sending HUGE Hugs.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks, Val! I appreciate the pause. It’s so challenging trying to get online with WP these days. Too much to do and time seems to be slipping away. Glad you’ve taken some time out for yourself as well. Aloha. ❤

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