Be the hero of your own life,
gathering disparate threads
as a spider weaves her tapestry
into patterns collected in perfect
symmetry, harnessing dewdrops
of morning, bright dawn
of a new day;

Bending not breaking
through the winds of change,
then radiating like a hundred facets
of a brilliant jewel in the glimmer
of the sun’s first rays.

All photos taken in Sydney Harbor, AU. Playing with jeweled light.
© Bela Johnson

15 thoughts on “Jewel

  1. Bela,
    Thank you for your uplifting words and beautiful pictures. I enjoy getting your musings on life in my inbox. Nine more days to the shortest day of the year here in Maine. The darkness, gloom and cold can sometimes weigh on me. It’s nice to remember there’s sun beyond the clouds and warmth and light will soon return as the earth rotates back toward the sun like an incoming tide.

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    1. Mary Lee, it’s always sweet hearing from you now and again. And your words always place me squarely in your strata, feeling the elements working me like a block of granite having its edges worn smooth by years of ice and snow. Glacial. I often felt this way all my years in Maine, and I flowed willingly along with each season, each shift of the earth’s rotation, each rise and fall of the tides. I loved it more than words could ever express. The growth I experienced there might never be matched elsewhere. And yet this body just wasn’t having it anymore. Too extreme for me, and since the shift occurred fairly speedily once the vision matured to come back to the islands, I knew that cycle was complete. Dreams and memories seem now to blend and merge from several directions, and the longing for the Maine woods is gone, though it took years to make the break. I do believe the land there had as great a hold on me as I did on it.

      We have been blessed to live in some magical places, and where we are now is no less so. Just different spirits, different experiences. Some might say Lemurian vs. Atlantean. I do think there’s something to that, but feel even that description is too limited. There is so much yet to know or to liberate from what is already innately known. And the secrets lie, I swear, in this Mother Earth you and I both love so dearly.

      Aloha and blessings to you, ML, in this twilight time. Peace.


  2. What a lovely reminder Bela! I presume all want to be jewels, try to rise like a hero but get mowed down by the turbulences that shake them…the mist of insecurities and fears encompasses them and even the brightest dawn seems hazy. Winds of change have brought many humans to their knees…circumstances may differ. I don’t want to promote pessimism Bela. You know I have a very positive outlook of life…just some thoughts, some realism that must be fed to our soul along with your inspiring message. 🙂
    Lovely pictures, seems like you are having a gala festive season. Stay blessed!


    1. Aww, thanks so much, Sue! I am glad you enjoy my photo images. It’s so fun taking them! Nature really does show up for those of us who nurture her (and those who don’t, but I don’t think they see quite what or how we do, so it’s great to share!). Aloha, dear. Big hugs! Bela

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