All One

Time slips by, a wisp, a wrinkle,
and soon we are dust, unremarkable,
insignificant; as one, at long last,
with the beauty that surrounds us.


Waialea Bay
Old Kiawe, Waialea
Sunset, Kohala Coast
Kohala Coastline Mauka View


All photos ©Bela Johnson

25 thoughts on “All One

    1. Aloha, Paul and thank you for your appreciation of this little piece. As for the photos, we venture out every evening almost without fail to experience the light at the end of the day. If I could rouse myself before sunrise, I’d venture out to capture a lot more sunrises! But I really like to be awakened by light, itself. And at that point, it’s past its remarkable show. Peace. ❤


  1. But is dust and sand unremarkable given that it is simply a stage in a process and maybe one day to be reused in construction of some other life? Is anything truly unremarkable given that all matter was there at the beginning and has changed form so many times in it’s nearly 14 billion year history? We consider ourselves more remarkable than dust, but as even the bible says “ashes to ashes” we return to what we once were so whose to say which stage is more remarkable than the next? 🙂

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    1. Swarn, you bring up an excellent point. My words were meant to address the human ego’s perception of itself as remarkable. Too often humans consider themselves above all other life forms. In fact, all life is a miracle, all of existence. As one who has lain on many beaches propped up on elbows running sand through my fingers, I can say each grain sand Is indeed a miracle. Living in Hawaii and realizing our sand is essentially parrotfish poop, what’s not amazing about that? And in Maine, it’s crushed shell beaches one’s toes delight in, not sand. As one who has examined countless leaves, holding them to the sunlight to marvel at their intricate patterns, I can say leaves are exquisite. From the alchemy of cooking to the myriad creatures in existence, I can never forget what magic we humans are blessed to behold with our senses. So your comment is well taken, I do not disagree. Hope this clarifies my intentions. Aloha ❤


      1. Thank you for the explanation Bela. I see your intent now. I certainly am a victim of my ego at times, but I guess I’ve spent some time making peace with the idea of my death and realized that it’s at least the one time that it’s easy to let go if I remember the beauty of the entire journey of the universe and my small place in it. I’ve traded insignificance for humility which is I think a good way to appease the ego. Or fool it. Lol

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  2. Beauty of nature is eternal…people come and go but the sun and the sea has been providing light and inspiration for times immemorial. Your breathtaking pictures illustrate this fact too well Bela. Thanks for sharing.

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