Waves lap at my feet as I stare down sunset,
myself a fixed object on the shore, bringing
to mind reclamation, our oceanic mother
calling me back and through time, sloughing
off my scales, crawling onto the sand
to admire her from another angle; perhaps
only this, in the end, shall redeem me;

At the very least, I know my place now,
fragile feelers in a complex web
of interconnection, taking time at last
to resonate, cell to cell, with the vast
and shifting body of my origins.

All photosΒ Β©Bela Johnson

26 thoughts on “Mother

  1. Beautiful, loved your words Bela.. indeed we are all connected and the beautiful spiders web echoed your thoughts perfectly. Cell for Cell, we are changing, and its good to be feeling our roots as we feel the call of both our Mother and our sacred place within the scheme of things..
    Sending much love your way Bela.. have a wonderful day filled with Love ❀ πŸ™‚

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      1. We do. I’ve found it so important to pay attention to this body – every single day it seems things change. One thing I eat one day does not agree/nourish on another. One day my head really wants a 10 mile bike ride but my body says ‘fatigue today, maybe tomorrow.’ And on it goes. I am convinced of the wisdom of these earth body vehicles we are navigating, and figure I’m in this human suit for the purpose of learning my ‘earth piece.’ And it does inform, too.

        Today I am taking hubs with me for the first time in 8 years of writing with this group of women who live mostly in Volcano – a 3-hour drive from home here. We are making a mini-staycation out of it and am looking forward to some time together without all the projects and distractions of home. We have friends house and dog sitting, so we even get a break from that responsibility (fun though it is). Be well, sweetie. And hope you have a wondrous weekend! Love ❀

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      2. I hear you Bela.. and wonderful you are having a mini-break with hubby, an experience I am sure he will enjoy…
        EnJOY your time out together πŸ™‚ with no worries about dogs and home.. πŸ˜€ Much love to you .. ❀

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    1. Aloha, dear Hariod! Gosh, I was just telling Sue, a virtual tidal wave has hit me here and I’ve been madly trying to catch up with many comments – not to mention reading – here on WP! SO much going on with friends in hospital and dying, with writing obligations and visiting dear ones to the islands, with running all over as well. (I know it’s hard for visitors to realize that, though they are on vacation, we are Not and must continue our regular routine as well). I feel as though my butt has been glued to the seat of cars and am hoping the perpertual rains here hold off long enough to get on my bike this morning!

      All that being said, I am hoping you are well and sound and that you are feeling springtime in your bones, as the land awakens to her vernal rhythms. Peace ❀

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      1. Hey, no problem on the tardy response; things have been a bit hectic here too as it happens. Sorry to hear about your friend. ❀ Yes, the weather is good here in Somerset, and it's been the warmest ever on record for February β€” crazy, it feels like May, and a good May, at that. So yes, I’m feeling springtime in my bones: a welcome accompaniment to arthritis. Love and best wishes, Hariod. ❀

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      2. As it happens … !! I cannot imagine I exist within this seeming acceleration of time in a vacuum.

        Thanks for your condolences. So many having trouble staying on the planet these days. And while I understand, I am not anywhere near ready to leave it.

        Crazy weather there, but glad you are enjoying it. Blessings on the day! Aloha, and love, Bela


    1. Thank you, Betty. I always appreciate your kind comments. Hoping your springtime is raising her head toward the increasing light of day and that it will energize you, body and soul! Enjoy your week! Aloha ❀


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